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    ID vs Class

    ID = Unique IdentifierClass = Replicatable Style
  2. What is the unique identifier? You need something to search against.Start by looping through the text file, get the unique identifier and then do a sql query "select where this = identifier", if non found, insert, it found update
  3. easy solution, wrap the loading logic around a if (!ispostback) { }
  4. You are not forced to use MVC, I personally use and prefer using Web Forms.If you have had experience wih MVC before then this will most likely help your transition to .NEThttp://www.asp.net has all the info you should need on MVC and Web Forms
  5. Just found this linkhttp://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/062899-1.shtmlIt was great reading it, i hope you find it as useful as i did
  6. replace the ' with "or replace the quote with two quotes
  7. how about get rows ?http://www.asp101.com/samples/viewasp.asp?...=db_getrows.asp
  8. Hey rubyknight,I was hired to develop a e-commerce site for http://dibor.co.uk last year.Although i had a few glitches at first as it was my first big e-commerce job, ASP actually handled everything better than i expected.I used stored procedures to block out attempts to run sql injections and to help speed up big querys.As far as the speed on a 56k modem i couldnt tell you, but what i can tell you is that the customers of dibor.co.uk are mainly mature older adults who live in rural areas where i would be surprised if many of them had broadband. To my knowledge there has been no complaints recieved about speed.So as for your question, is asp, sql sufficient for e-commerce ? my answer is Yes !
  9. http://www.aspin.com/func/content?tree=asp...&id=4410410is a good little script
  10. Mr.Jay

    HOW it works

    most search engines dont index .asp pages
  11. Put Session.LCID = 1033 at the top of the header page.this will make all dates into the correct format for you.'----1033 = USA2057 = British
  12. Mr.Jay


    im interested !
  13. Mr.Jay

    Upgrading from PWS

    Buy a windows hosting package.Or if you would like to run it on your own computer then use IIS
  14. Ditch the linux server, get a windows based server and you will be good !
  15. Mr.Jay

    ASP Email system

    have you tried sending it from a different email address ? looks like you are trying to send and recieve an email from the same address.
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