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  1. Hello,i am doing web design at university and my lecturer keeps on going on about how web designer is changing and how their won't be jobs available for people who do all this fancy stuff with flash and the rest of it. He talks about things like RSS and websites like Netvibes.com helping change the face of the internet.I was wondering if anyone had any views or oppinions on this and whether other people think the internet and the way web sites are created are changing could let me know?
  2. MrSunshine

    ASP Vs PHP

    Hellojust wondering if anyone could tell me what the advantages and disadvantages are of ASP compared with PHP?Are they both equal, is one better than the other?Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks
  3. Hello, everyone let me start by saying that i am new to this and am very keen on web design and building web sites. What i want to know are their any basic principles for building web sites and any rules regarding the use of HTML?Secondly i was wondering if you could tell me about XHTML and possibly how this benefits and what it is all about?Also are their any principles to the layout of web pages as well?Any communicative help through communities and forums would be of much help.Thanks
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