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  1. I've seen this done several ways, but I'm looking for a simple solution. The main content area is white, with rounded corners at the top and a shadow around the top and both sides.(See image below) I've saved out the image in 2 pieces, one contains the top 72px or so with the rounded corners. The other is a slim piece, the same width as the top piece, including the shadow. I've created a div and gave it an id="contentcontainer", where all of the content for the pages will rest. Inside of this div is where I need these images to show up. The top image with the rounded corners needs to always be
  2. Davidb52, thanks for sharing. I did manage to figure out some of my issues and most of it lied within some extra code that I ended up not needing. I think I was just copying and pasting other parts of my code for that 2nd layer without removing the parts I didn't need. I ended up getting it to line up how I needed it and all. My problem is that it's still acting goofy in other browsers. I'll have to dig in and find out why, Thanks,
  3. citikid - I don't know that this is necessarily an answer, but what you said about having to double click things that are inside a sub table or iframe reminded me of a time that I had to click on a flash object first, in order to be able to interact with it. I wonder if this same thing is happening on ios devices. Not sure that it helps, but I figured I would share my thoughts in case it might trigger something else.
  4. I've been working on this for a while and I've had varying levels of success but have not been able to achieve what I'm after so far. I'm looking to do this with CSS, no jquery or anything like it. I followed the "Son of Suckerfish" tutorial and that got me somewhat there, but when I tried to make the 2nd level dropdown, it started getting all funky and I haven't been able to figure it out. Not to mention, it isn't working properly in IE9 or FF, only Chrome and Safari (for Windows). Below is the design view of the dropdown navigation: So far, I've gotten it most of the way, but the 2nd level a
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