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  1. There are some strange things going on with the font in "By Jonathan Woodgate" in the spaces of the B and o. In the same are of the page, there is a small white square in the bottom right corner of that large dark red box. The way that the white box below it chops off without even showing the bottom line of the comments field is strange, as well. As for the color scheme, I kind of like that one accent of blue in "F. Wilkinson & Sons" at the top of the page. It works, somehow.
  2. @jonny1990 Thanks for the feedback.Lightbox should be already functioning, please let me know if it is not and what browser you're using.
  3. I am building this website for the company I work for. Issues I'm already aware of, but am at a loss to fix: the gel button on the horizontal nav bar menu is disabled on the front page and the rally page due to the js files for the lightbox image viewer on those pages. On the rally page, the lightbox image container is partially obscured by the youtube video below it. http://ecotechimportauto.com
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