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  1. It is an XML question. The XML code I provided was written by someone unrelated to the game. It provides additional information that was not a part of the original game, but an add on. I can further modify his code to fit my specifc needs. For instance, I can change variables such as font, font size, scroll time, colors, and the locations that this information appears within the game. I can even change the message from 'Explode!' to anything I desire. I'd like to get an image to pop instead of a text message, my question is how do I modify the code in order for me to do that. <combatScrollT
  2. Good day everyone. I’ve been coming to W3schools for several years and the site/forums definitely complimented my learning of SQL. However, this is the first time that research alone was unable to resolve a question regarding XML. After several hours of researching, reading, and coding, it is time to call upon the experts! Before I get into the question, please note some background info:My experience with XML consists of only the 3-4 hours of research and modding attempts to pre-existing code. I am an Oracle functional dev with 5+ years of complex SQL scripting. I am just beginning to learn Ja
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