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  1. Hi there, How are you? I hope you are well. I am developing a program in C# and it's about Business card so whenever I receive a business card I can save it through this application. So I have an issue with the update string it gives me this error:- Invalid column name 'PlaceOfWork' Invalid coulumn name 'POBox'.And here is the String String sql = "update BusinessCard set EmployeeName = '" + txt_Name.Text + "', Rank= '" + txt_Rank.Text + "',mobilePhone= '" + txt_mobilePhone.Text + "',MobilePhone='" + txt_phone.Text + "',Fax ='" + txt_Fax.Text + "',Email='" + txt_email.Text + "',PlaceOfWork='" + txt_plcOfWrk.Text + "',POBox='" + txt_POBox.Text + "',Address='" + txt_address.Text + "'where ID = " + txt_ID.Text; any Help you could Provide in this matter would be greatly appreciate it. best regards
  2. here is the code: <script language="javascript"><!--function Age(){ var bday=parseInt(document.forms[0].txtBday.value); var bmo=(parseInt(document.forms[0].txtBmo.value)-1); var byr=parseInt(document.forms[0].txtByr.value); var byr; var age; var now = new Date(); tday=now.getDate(); tmo=(now.getMonth()); tyr=(now.getFullYear());{ if((tmo > bmo)||(tmo==bmo & tday>=bday)) {age=byr} else {age=byr+1}//alert("As of today, "+now+' \n'+", you are:"+(tyr-age)+ " years old");document.getElementById('age1').value = (tyr-age);if (bday > 32){document.write("date should be less than 32");}}}//--> </script>
  3. hello everyone i have a question in javascript, I've created a function in javascript that you give it your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy then the function calculate your agethe problem is that the function accept any number you give for example it will accept like this date of birth( 44/44/1988) even though there is nodate or month 44 it will still count it. if anyone can resolve the problem appreciate it.
  4. it doesn't matter, all i need a script that can work properly. thanks
  5. Hello there,How are you? hope everyone is doing well. this is my first post and I hope that I find help. my question is I want to pull twitter tweets and save them into a Microsoft Access database so is there any php script can do that thanks
  6. hi all,I'm a student and my major is Information TechnologyI'm cool and want to learn more in IT thanks
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