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  1. ok.. thanks for all the helpi think im gonna go for it if my parents let me loli know its cheap but they can be weird sometimes about ordering stuff when it comes to internet since you can get ripped off easily. thanks for all the help
  2. it allows .htm, .html, .gif, .jpg, .png, .txt, .swf, .mid, .rmi, .au, .wav, .js, .css, .ico, .bmpidk if it will allow ASP or Coldfusion how can i find out?
  3. grr. my webhost wont let me upload .php files.is there a javascript or something like that so i can make it look something similar to that sites user stuff?
  4. hi i makin a site for a game/clan and i need help.i wanted to make it so i can have users on my site where they register and stuff. but i wanted it to where it will show like the newest member is: overall visitors:registered users online:stuff like that, i hope i explained it and hopin ya can help me on this lol here is something similar what i wanted http://www.deadly-alliance.org/index.phpthanks in advance
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