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  1. The form action of my form is sending not only the form results but the user to a confirmation.asp page where the user can check to see if they selected their username and made 5 selections, if everything is ok, they can click the ok link if not, they can return to form and resubmit it. The confirmation page also contains the cdo mailer to E-mail the form results to me. Once the form results lands in my inbox, my auto forwarder keys on the username: johndoe in the body of the E-mail and sends a hard copy of the form results to john doe's E-mail address.Now, here's what else I want to happen
  2. I'm was a long time user of Frontpage and sending forms by E-mail and to a html page was easy but now I'm no longer using the FrontPage server extensions and having problems trying to send the form results to a html page. Having no problems sending the form by E-mail but would also like to send the results to an html page at the same time. I'm using asp and not asp.net with MS Expression web 4 as the editor and ftp file upload. Is it possible to use more than one action on the Post method?
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