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  1. Cooley


    Hi, I am looking for a working PayFast form example for processing payment for a product. I keep on getting a mismatch with the signature. I would like to know how to generate a signature and a passphase. Thank you in advanced.
  2. Hi, I have trouble with the following code, the login_success always returns false :
  3. Cooley

    jQuery GET method PHP

    On page 1 you will have to put your table inside a div. For example <div id="content">// Your table goes here</div> Then your JQuery will be $.get("http://mudsaf.info/games/index.php?pageid=2", function(responceData){$("#content").html(responceData);}); responceData will be the data you echo-ed in your php script after you have tested that $_GET['pageid'] is equal to 2. You PHP script will have to be on the the index.php page but you can put it in a different page and and then change the URL to point to that page. I hope this way of sending an AJAX request is much more easier to digest.
  4. To enhance it you can download JQuery UI, reference it and then put the following script onto your document $(document).tooltip(); . You can then use the title attribute as above.
  5. Hello all I would like to know how to register a click event in JQuery mobile. I had this fully working DOM based game which has a start button to start game play. All I did for it not work is add references to JQuery mobile CSS and Javascript, and the following data-role attributes: page,header,content, and footer. After that the start button register but all of the which suppose to run on page load works.
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