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  1. Ok maybe this could work, but what do i need to do for the divs to go to sides FULL as they do on the other site i showed you?? Right now they have a margin of about 5 mm to the sides. (and i dont have any margins in the div, i have it as it is except that i put a "min-width: 1347px;" in the html, body tag for the content to be autoscroll when for ex. minizming the window.
  2. Sigh.... ........After so much time to find that min-width syntax wich was my first problem, since i never done a web-layout like this before. I am of course familiar with float though. I thought i did not have to make it all upp from the beginning though :/!! Thank you though. PS: Are you really sure, i need to do all this again, just because to add float to it? Well il be right back later on tonight with an answer
  3. Ok, but what should i do then?? Remove these and do margin-left rights something like that perhaps or what? I thought it was that you say, i tried to remove some pos. relat. and the left and right textbox, but when i did there came up a blank white space under the footer for some reason. about 5 mm whiter space :S
  4. So im here again, with another problem now. Look at the site http://mbdbygg.zxq.net/. The grey area in the middle is a div id called content and it is 800px height. Now i want to reduce the height to 400px, cause i dont need such wide space between the pictures and the footer as you see. The content div should end where the div class "center" ends. It has a border color to see where it ends. The problem now is that when i change the height to 400px the box only goes upand leaving a WHITE space under it.Meaning the footer does not follow up to the content div! What am i missing? I attach the cs
  5. What you mean then?
  6. Why would you do that ? If you really are, then i hope you understand what my problem is. The layout problem in general(i think?) is fixed, since header, content(middle div) and footer dont stop at the right as it did before when minimizing a window. The problem now is only the pictures you see in the middle that goes to into the right - to the right box when minimizing, and the meny goes down. You going to recreate from the css file and the site i suppose if you are? Honestly though, a wild guess is that its about something small and quick for this to be fixed .
  7. No it does not go to do with that. You appernatly cant help me. But would you know any web templates that look like this. With a header, middle content and footer stretch to the sides?
  8. Ok i atleast fixed the divs header, content and footer to stay put(i removed the margin-autos aswell and put only min-width: 1060px. I also put a position relative on the side-textboxes. BUt the meny links and the pictures in the middle still go out of place. The meny goes many steps down when minimizing the window, and the pcitures goes INTO the right box, moving to the right with other words. What else i need to do? i attach the css code again as it is now: *{ margin: 0px; padding: 0px;}body { margin-left: 0px; margin-top: 0px;}img { border: none;}#wrapper { min-width: 1060
  9. Hello, I need help with something i think is quite easy to solve maybe for the real experianced ones. I am a webeditor, but still not professional, and experianced with all sort of css layouts etc. So it about this site: http://mbdbygg.zxq.net/ . I have never maked a background/layout like this before, and am considering some other way to achive how i want it, but i guess i wont need to do it all over. So look at the site: http://mbdbygg.zxq.net/. When you open it in a normal fullscreen window it looks ok, and that is how it is suppose to look. When one minimize the window you can see that th
  10. I feel so stupid. I somehow(DONT REMEMBER IT ) change the name of a folder, and i also some filenames had a big letter i nthe start. every file should have small letters . Should i remove this thread, or let it be here for others to think about ?? Just tell me what to do, i gladlt remove this whole thread. I may need help with an email php with attachment instead to conctretate on for now ....
  11. So i have this website wich i first uploaded on a private free web hosting server. Now some images do not show, and i first thought it got to do with tĀ“because it is a slow free server! But that was not the problem since i now uploaded it on fast pay web hosting domain. This one: http://iphonetryck.se/index.php The images are not shown there either! I tried everything i know from making all the images small equaly(because UNIX does not recognise with one big and rest small or something like that...), to make the pictures from indexered to RGB, or to jpg. Neither work! I need help on to why thi
  12. NEW UPDATE again. It seems that this code for the class: sidboxes that makes them in the position it should be.position: relative;top:-910px;left:738px;width: 50px; I knew it would be position:relative in somehow - thats the one. BUT now i have a new problem. After inserting this code i now get a BIGGER space from the rightnav class div id to the copyright div class. In other words, between the middle picture/text to the footer where the contact etc is information is! I am lost.....
  13. 1 PIC. I attach here a scrrenshot of the website to show the sidbox class field at the right - with the 3 sidbox classes. 2 PIC. I also attach a screenshot of the bottom of the indexpage to show WHERE the large empty space is - wich is about 3-4 cm. I want to REMOVE this space from there so the footer can have atleast 1 cm between the indexpic and the contact-footer there. How? I reattach the cssfile Pse52(since i made small changes to it). body{margin: 0;padding: 0;border: 0;background-repeat:repeat-y;background-position: top right;background-attachment:scroll;/*background-image: url(sidtoni
  14. Ok....?...and what did you change in the code. You have not tell me anything about that! I can upload the whole folder if you still into check and help if you want(if so please do tell)!!! I am grateful anyway, but you did not write any code for me to look at. I check the source for the link you gave though, and i only found that you put an end </div> tag before the sidboxes if i am right? EDIT: Ok i noticed some css changes through the firebug firefox plug-in. But still more concret if you can:P.
  15. Yes the site works fine on Chrome. I think.....
  16. I have 2 questions. First one is most important! I attach the php, and the css files here for you (Hello dsonesuk ) to look and maybe help me with this. I may know how to do this, but then i might need to change it all and do it all from a a beginning again. So i would like a fast change advise for this problem. Anyway here it goes: I have the class called "sidboxes" wich are located to the right of the container(browser). And in that class 3 classes - the classes are called sidbox1, 2, and 3 for each of the 3 boxes. So i have now as you can see in the css an position:absolute. When i minimize
  17. Thanks reg. Yes i guessed it would be many errors. Also since the most inside the "rightnav" div id - like the table tags and font tags in there is copied from a many years older site . So i will just remove the whole tables and all that code i copied.
  18. I dont understand - what is wrong with the container and rightnav id tag? and also the last you are refering to more lower aswelll?Also with 'b' tags are you refering to the table bgcolors tags? Either way i may remove he whoel tablething as well...
  19. I only have one span syntax in the index page(<span><a href="index51.html"></a></span>). There is no more then that one on the index.html. On the beahcflag however there is a couple of span tags and tables, but i dont see any unclosed as you say. Just span with classes....? I guess though it got to do with something with the span tags and the tables in general as yo usay though, and i will remove the table syntax totaly and try if that fixes the problem. I really dont need the tables anyway i think. Also i forgot to valide the code aswell .
  20. I can also post another css file wich is for the menyboxes to the left only. I dont think it got to do with it changing the font though, but il post this too anyway. Psemenyset2.css .meny { background-image: url('meny_bilder/Meny11.gif'); background-repeat:no-repeat; width:234px; height:328px; float:left; margin-top:23px; margin-left:16px; } .meny ul { padding: 2.7em 0; left: 22px; list-style: none; font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:0.65em; line-height:150%; } .meny ul li a{ background: transparent url("meny_bilder/prick1.gif")
  21. I guess you mean posting the whole code here? Ok then - first one is 'index51.html', then 'beachflag.html' and last the css style 'pse5.css'. The text on the 3 sideboxes with the text "Bra att veta, Lite grafisk fakta, and Tryckmetoder" is bigger on the Index51.html file and on beachflag.htm file they are smaller(and also located further down below as seen on the page). Index51.html: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><meta http-equiv="Co
  22. I have 2 questions, but first the most ununderstandable for me at the moment(both questions got to do with the same class div): 1. The font with the text at the right side - the divclass "sidebox" is changing to a smaller zise when on another page eventhough i have the same css file, and the same class and "p" in the html file! Why is this? ompare the file index51.html with beachflag.html, and also the css wich i am attaching aswell. 2. What do i need to write in the css for the "sidebox1, 2, 3" classes for them to be on the some spot on every page? I have tried with position absolute, and als
  23. Anyways thank you for your help, it seems to work. I thought though an image needs to have some sort of "position" syntax not to move around when for example the browser window gets minimized. But 'float' and 'margin-left' & 'margin-top' seem to work too.
  24. I see, so no position at all then? Must not every image have soe sort of position for it not to move around when or example minmizing the webbrowser etc?
  25. HEllo i am working on a site, but it is not uploaded so i will only post the code here for help. It is about a big large empty space, almost twice as large as the page were all the design is, maybe it goes out of the container too but i am not sure. So what do i need to do, or to remove in css for it to be ok. I notice that when i remove the "meny"boxes "wich are located to the left) the site becomes fine, but when they are there this empty space is coming up :/. What do i need to do? There are 2 css files. The one named pse5menyset.css is the one with the menys to the left you need to look in
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