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  1. Just want to let anyone know who does not know already the script to redirect your website to the iPad for your users who use a iPad. this is not the code to redirect to your mobile site, but to your iPad site (if you have one). <script language=javascript><!--if ((navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i)) || (navigator.userAgent.match(/iPod/i))) { location.replace("http://url-to-send-them/iphone.html");}--></script> The highlighted red is where you place the url where your ipad site is. I hoped this has helped for anyone needing help with this subject.
  2. I have to say thanks for all the help on this page, as this has now clarify it for me as I was having trouble like mentioned above in the past. thanks
  3. If anyone is wondering how to redirect to a mobile site then this will be for you. This is a code that will automatically redirect from any page you place the code on. Its great for people who use mobile devices and come across your site, automatically they will be redirected. How is this so? Within the code you see "600", this means when a vistors via there mobile devices comes upon your site that is larger (your sites page width) then 600 will be redirected to your mobile site. <script type="text/javascript"><!--if (screen.width <= 600) {document.location = "mobile.html";}//--></script> Remember, change mobile.html to your mobile site and I would just leave the 600. I hope this has helped.
  4. Place this on the page you are wanting to redirect to. The content="5 means how long the transion will take to redirect. I like to use "0" so visitors get redirected straight away without even knowing about the page they are getting redirected to.<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=site-to-redirect-to.com">
  5. hi there, I had a quick look over for you and am trying to find what you are taking about. Maybe I need a bit more information from you. thanks
  6. I use html-color-codes.info I find these guys to be easy and no fuss. It all on the front page.
  7. Hi there, just want to introduce my self here at this wonderful forum. I hope I will be able to help anyone that need help and also learn new things. See you's in the forum.
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