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  1. So, I have finally worked out how to center my navigation menu horizontally in a cross-browser compatible way. The problem I now have though is with my dropdowns. They have inherited some of the attributes I used to center the nav and now, when the menu parent is hovered over, the dropdown pops up over it, rather than under and to the side a bit. I've tried a few fixes though am not sure the best way to go about resolving the issue in the most browser friendly way.I'm sorry, though my site is not yet live. #nav {-khtml-border-radius: 0px;-moz-border-radius: 0px;-webkit-border-radius: 0px;bac
  2. Ahhh, the font is the problem, eh? I wouldn't have known that. Will give these a go and let you know. Funny there is not another option for centering menu links. Thanks so much.
  3. Right. I have tried this before and it works to get all the links on the one line in IE though the spacing is now uneven (by spacing I mean the px at either end of the first and last links). I can adjust it though it still displays differently in different browsers. So at the moment with the px applied as you have suggested, in Chrome there is a gap of about 10px before the "before and after" link and a gap of about 30px after the "buy my labels" link, whereas in IE the gap after the "by my labels" link is more like 20px. So if I adjust the padding to display my links aligned in one browser th
  4. Firstly, I must say thank you for attempting to help me. I really appreciate the assistance. Okay, so I copy and pasted in the CSS exactly as you have provided and it didn't work. It changed some of the top and bottom margins though so it is doing something. I took some screen shots to show how it looks in Chrome and IE though can't work out how to upload images from my computer to attach to this message?I am simply trying to space my individual page links (7 of them) evenly (aligned center) over the whole width of my menu bar (give or take 10px either end) in line with my content (hard to exp
  5. Thanks so much. Okay, so I must admit that whilst I didn't quite understand all that I did implement it exactly as instructed (at least, I hope I did)...and nothing changed!The menu is still the same. The page links didn't move one px and it is still perfect in Chrome though in IE is being thrown to a new line.Here is the CSS now: #subnav {-khtml-border-radius: 0px;-moz-border-radius: 0px;-webkit-border-radius: 0px;border-radius: 0px;clear: both;color: #555;margin: 0 auto 10px;margin-top: -8px;overflow: hidden;text-transform: uppercase;width: 920px;background-image:url(/wp-content/themes/ch
  6. Thanks again. So I commented out "text-indent: -9999px;" and "left:-9999px;" using /* and */ instead of // as you recommended, also commented out "padding:8px18px6px18px;" and added the "text-align: center;" back into the main menu div as you originally suggested though unfortunately it didn't work either. The text is still all aligned left and bunched up. Okay, this is probably a stupid question though where do I find the HTML? My menu is generated by WordPress.
  7. Thanks so much for responding.I tried that though it didn't work. All the text is aligned left (and all bunched up) when I remove the padding and add the code as you suggested.Is there anything further down in my code which might be overriding it or do I need to use more code somewhere else?
  8. Hi I am just self-learning CSS and am practising in a new WordPress site. It is only hosted locally for now so sorry I can't provide a link. I'm sure this is easy for a CSS guru though I am having trouble center aligning the text (i.e page links) within my horizontal navigation menus. I tried using padding (which works) though discovered it is displayed differently in different browsers (I am still learning about using universal CSS for multiple browsers). I read a few tutorials regarding using "margin: auto" and "align:center" though I have no idea where to use it in my code. I have tried a f
  9. Thanks so much. Sounds like a bit of fiddling though fortunately I'm patient.
  10. Oh, sorry. Okay, so there is a background image of a house floor plan. Certain rooms within the floor plan have another image over them (in this case a photograph of the actual room). The images (photographs) are links which also become translucent when rolled over. Does this make sense?
  11. The 'house tour' with the clickable links.
  12. Hi I'm just learning CSS/HTML (self-taught) and am curious about the process required to achieve something like the image that can be seen on this blog page: http://theletteredcottage.net/our-house/ Any advice/info, and in particular some example code, would be fantastic. As stated, I'm only a newbie so simple explanations with limited jargon much appreciated :-) Thanks so much!
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