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  1. Not a problem. Your suggestion worked! Seems obvious now, of course, but I didn't think of it. min-width:1050px and there's no more issue. PM me if you like any of those giclee prints. I'd be happy to send one as thanks. If not, I'll just say: Thanks!
  2. Awesome, that is a much more elegant solution. Thanks! I messed around with it a bit today, keeping in mind what you said about width:100%, and got it to a much better state, I think. The shop page works fine because I could make sure that no element could extend beyond the window boundary, but the problem is still happening on the main site (http://ghoste.net) It happens when the window width is narrower than the content, it seems. With the window maximized, it's fine. But when an image extends off the side and a horizontal scrollbar appears, the header image and all the black post-title bars
  3. Thanks dsonesuk. Your advice helped quite a bit, I think. The problem persists, but it's consistent, now. The black bars have the same amount of space on the right as the header, which is more than I could manage alone. However, deleting the display:table/cell parts only made it so the headline text wasn't vertically centered. I did that to just the first "print shop" headline to illustrate: http://shop.ghoste.net/shopNew3.php Here's the full css- @charset "UTF-8";/* CSS Document */html { margin:0; padding:0;}body { margin: 0; padding: 0; }.header { height: 217px; bord
  4. Seems like a fairly common topic, but no solutions have worked so far. My art portfolio site is set up with a header image, navigation on the left under that, then the content separated by big black divs. I'll use my shop subdomain as the example (some NSFW images, but thumbnailed): http://shop.ghoste.net/shopNew.php The problem is that space is being created on the right side, causing a horizontal scrollbar. I've tried overflow:hidden, and that's fine as a bandaid, but still looks awful on mobile devices/smaller displays. On my homepage I have larger images that might not fit on a smaller scr
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