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  1. Vzero

    Need help on game

    For some reason the this.hitTest code doesn't work on copyed objects and I'm having some trouble copying some of the movieclips through code in the game.
  2. Vzero

    Need help on game

    Hey I'm making a game and the collision code doesn't exactly work on a copyed movie clip:if (this.hitTest(_parent.block) || this.hitTest(_parent.paintblock)) {_x=0_y=0}What do I have to do to fix thatAnd how can I make a program that copys a movieclip
  3. Hey I was woundering how can I put an int varible in an xml file.Like I want to make it so a program when it reads the xml file it reads an int not a string.
  4. Hey, I need help with windows media player and quick times, media controls. For starters I'm making a video playlist program and I want my video to goto the next video when it gets to the end of the video, well how do I make a code that lets me make a trigger when the video gets to the end. I oready have the video switch program, I just need to know how to build that kind of a trigger.
  5. Vzero

    XQuery Problem

    ok, I was only using xquery because w3schools said it was like a data base. And I know I could use xforums, but I was trying to only use html and xml or xhtml, not asp(don't have a sever that supports it).
  6. Vzero

    XQuery Problem

    Well, I'm trying to make a xml news reader/editor. well I used Xquery and it didn't work.Please tell me what I did wrounge:News.html <html><body><ul>{for $x in doc("News.xml")/news/updateorder by $xreturn <li>{$x}</li>}</ul> </body></html> News.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <news><update>New News goes here</update></news> Also could someone tell me how to make a program that lets people edit the xml file(like a program edits the xml file by add or deleting a <update>).
  7. Yeah um, .swf is the only thing that works with embed. .flv doesn't. And I've tryed to use the premade .flv player in the macromedia flash they gave you, but it didn't work. Why can't some one give me action script codes to build my own .flv/.swf player using flash.
  8. Yeah, but I'm asking this because I don't know how I would program it.
  9. Hey thanks, this should work.
  10. I want to know how to make a flash player, like something that will play .swf, and .flv. But I want this to be a flash file(.swf). If some of you don't get what I mean, I mean something like you-tube or google-video.
  11. Hey using embed script, how would you change a video in it. Like I mean one video to another. I tryed using a javascript Id code://in javascriptdocument.getElementById('media').src="video.wmv"//in the embed code<embed src="othervideo.wmv" id="media">but the Id code didn't work, it only worked with images, but I want the fulmedia cotrol from quicktimes/windows media player. Is there another way, or am I doing something wrounge?
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