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  1. By the way for future reference when you post stuff in this forum, make sure you use the tags so that your code is introduced in an orderly fashion. Just like my last post.
  2. Ok first of all what you need to include in your <script> </script> is the propper jquery library.. which is basically this line.. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> Then you need a function that actually calls the nivo slider to run in the container.. which you can do something like this.. $(window).load(function() { $('#nameOfTheContainer').nivoSlider(); }); I just took a quick view at it. Later on tonight I will tell you what else you are missing. I'm working right now.
  3. Hello! What country are you from? I was in a bilingual school as well! Well know getting to the topic at hand, first of all dreamweaver per se is not a compiler to program, its just a good program with some pros and cons to build entire websites.. So let's start getting firefox where you will test all your work and then a proper compiler that works wonderfully with firefox which you can download from here. Also, did they teach you how to export stylesheets to a different document? a .css document and how to link it to your html page? That way your html page will only contain html code and make
  4. Try getting firebug from here and start debugging from there.
  5. Wow congrats for that script! That is pretty awesome! I'll check it up tomorrow.. Yeah I'm working with html.. for appearance don't worry, I'll have a graphics designer to take care of that.. I'm a programmer not a GD I'll try and see if I can add some visual effects with some jquery plugins as well! Thanks a lot for that!
  6. Ok I found the exact name! The name is dialog(), which is a plugin from jquery used for those popups like the ones you have on this forum.. I'm trying to go through the code on this forum but I can't find the key parts that make the div with the login form actually be a dialog.. So i've been trying it on my page.. I'll post the code to see if you guys can help me find what I'm doing wrong..: <!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><title>ICC-INICIO</title><link href="CSS3 SHEETS/General LAYOUT.css" r
  7. I've been looking for it, came across a few websites with some examples but I'm still not clear about it, I mean what should the javascript for it be? Is it like a prompt? I'm not sure, Any more help would be really appreciated!
  8. I'm building this web site for a CS major career for a college. I'm working on the login part now, but I thought it would be really cool and efficient (I assume) if instead of redirecting the user to another html page to do all the login information, to just do like most websites do now, dim the background to a dark color and pop-up a form with the username and password.. I know that has something to do with ajax and some javascript.. But the problem is that I've been looking for resources or tutorials on how to do it, but I haven't found one yet. If someone has any tutorial link, or any inf
  9. What would be a suitable solution for the placeholder attribute in the form tag for IE and MFF? i know of the existence of the onfocus("if (this.value='search')")... script, but is there another way? or how can I determine if it is internet explorer or just chrome/firefox so i could use the on focus/onblur properties?
  10. Ok! I'll try that later on today.. I think I need some sleep. Thanks!Sorry for so many questions, I'm kind of new to web development.
  11. Ok! Thanks that's much clearer now! I have yet another question.. On a Login Form let's say I want it to always be at the center of the page, I know a determined width plus auto margin on both right and left will center it horizontally.. But to center it vertically? Does the same concept apply? Or is there another way?
  12. Thanks, now that I come to think about it, that would work! Just one more question, will I have to use the display attribute? if so, would it be block?
  13. I'm trying to do a footer like div on my web page, I'm using html5 and I know the existence of the <footer> tag, but that is not quite what I am looking for.. Here is the code to try to explain a bit better what is gonig on: <div id="footer"> <div id="footer_1"> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/icc.unicah" ><img src="Imagenes/facebook (2).png" class="imagenesFooter" title="Facultad ICC en Facebook."/>Enterate que pasa!</a><br/> <a href="#"><img src="Imagenes/twitter (2).png" title="Siguenos en Twitter." class="imagenesFooter"/>Sigu
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