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  1. It looks like useful for begginer as i am thanks
  2. i dont know... my SO windows xp professional shows me four (4) alternativesbut i have got italian version and never as now I understand how badmaybe I should get english version 1) rich text format2) document text3) Ms dos text document format4) document UNICODE textshould i select the fourth option? UNICODE?there are no other specifications only UNICODE
  3. i used notepad of coursei cant understand your question... I saved it as .html file i added the html extension by hand update: i downloaded ie7 and it's okaythe problem at this point seems related with ie8does anyone got problems with it? P.s: thanks for helping me
  4. well the problem occurs only with Internet Explorerwhich is the updated version: The eightI created the web page with just html codenothing as web editor and I saved as a. html fileI confirm with chrome, firefox or Opera is not the problemI'll try to clean up the cache with IE8, can be a problem with this version?
  5. I try to modify DOCTYPE like this... <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">but the problem with internet explorer still remains Navigation to the webpage was canceled what's wrong with it? does anyone use ie for validation out here?
  6. i tried , nothing is changed , looks like Internet explorer doesnt upoad my local file...
  7. i try to make a simple html code that is <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <html> <head> <title>Volcano Web</title> </head> <!-- written for the Writing HTML Tutorial by Lorrie Lava, February 31, 1999 --> <body> <p>In questa lezione userai la Rete per cercare informazioni sui vulcani e poi scrivere il tuo resoconto sui risultati.</p> </body> </html> i open this file with opera, firefox an chrome and all it works correctlybut internet explorer notifies an error and refuses to
  8. oops lacked specific. jpgmaybe you can help others: O
  9. I can not upload an image from my pclocally, such as HTML code using Notepadwhat's wrong with that? <html><head><title> questo รจ un TITOLO</title><style type="text/css">h2 {text-align:center;}p.date {text-align:right;}p.main {text-align:justify;}</style></head><h2> intestazione </h2><body bgcolor="aqua"><img src="C:\Documents and Settings\Mauro\Documenti\e-blog/COP_3719AA"width="450" height="299" /></body></head></html> the jmg doesnt appear Only... a small rectangle :(could you please help me?
  10. Anyway I posted a comment on your blog, so you can read itI suggest to add some ads on your blog , you wont get richI use AdSense by google I hope you know itif you wish pay a visit , I also add a twitter chat, sites list i prefer and much more http://mostardi.blogspot.com
  11. Yes you're right ! I have also a blopgspot but my layout is differentso I could think cant make comments ... the blog is original so i really dont know how to suggestunless you visit my blog
  12. Sorry about that... it is not funny, wrong emoticon
  13. Nice to see :Happy:nice graphics, I think you could add comments from visitors
  14. If i click on "contact us" the page doesn't appearI use Opera by the way
  15. I'm new too for html world , I wondered what is the meaning of "deprecated"Anyway the guide is good for the begginer like i am :Happy:
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