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  1. Thanks. Will give this a try!
  2. Right, thanks. It is good to tell them that flash is needed if it doesn't play. However, I thought the embed tag was needed in certain browsers. This will play in html4 and html5? On an iPad and on an old Chrome browser?
  3. I have a page with an embedded swf file, and it works great on just about every browser I have. I'm using the embed tag inside the object tag to accommodate both ie and the rest of the gang. However, it won't display on the iPad, I'm guessing because of the strict html5 stance. Is there a way to have this same code support all three? The code I have looks something like this: <object classid=... <param name="Movie" value="file.swf" ... <embed name="Sample" value="file.swf"... /> </embed></object> Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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