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  1. The course name isIntelligent Multimedia Systems and im stuck on "User should be able to filter the aggregated RSS feeds using a random keyword" , and i dont really know what exactly i have to do , cause he didint explain us anything at all.Im stuck at the first two requirements (1 , 2) which has some external links :http://newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_uk_edition/world/rss.xmlhttp://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/
  2. The purpose of this assignment is for you to exercise your skills on: 1) server side processing ofXML technologies, 2) consuming web services and 3) making use of digital map services. Your taskin this exercise will be to develop and implement a web-based personalized location based newsservice that will visualize news content in the digital maps based on the location of the particularnews.The system you will develop should provide the following functionality to its users.1. Your system should allow the users to aggregate three different RSS feeds (they should bepure RSS and NOT GeoRSS feeds). Examples of such feeds can be found at:http://newsrss.bbc.c...n/world/rss.xmlhttp://www.nytimes.c...rvices/xml/rss/2. User should be able to filter the aggregated RSS feeds using a random keyword (you canchoose the keyword freely) and based on that to generate a new RSS feed containing onlythe filtered news items.3. The system should enable transformation of the filtered RSS feed into a GeoRSS.4. The system should visualize the generated GeoRSS feed using a digital map service (such asGoogle Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMaps etc.)Im kinda stuck in here , can please somebody help me with my project , cause my teacher is really bad in explaining ...So please somebody help me !
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