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  1. Ok, this is my fault on this. I forgot to mention that I also had a wrapper <div> to contend with. I had set the width but not the height. Once I put the height into the wrapper. Everything worked just dandy. Hope that helps anyone else who has this problem.
  2. This is what I have right now: html, body {height: 100%;background-color: #C0E5E7;margin:0;} .contentarea {width: 900px;min-height:100%;height:100%;background-image:url(../contentarea.gif);background-repeat:repeat-y;} I do not have the header inside the .contentarea but I do have the footer inside it. Am I missing something?
  3. Need help. I have a header, content area and a footer. I want the content area to be fluid. I set the body { height:100%} and the content area {height:100%;}. I did put a clear:both; on the footer. I also have a background image I want to tile in the content area. It stretches just fine, but the background image does not show. It will only show if I put a actual height to it (i.e.. 100px). How can I get it to show beyond the fixed number?
  4. boberell

    Rollover Image

    Thank you. That worked great!
  5. boberell

    Rollover Image

    I am fairly new at CSS. Can you tell me how to change that?
  6. boberell

    Rollover Image

    Ok, I changed the background-position to 0 0; and changed the hover position to -86px 0; The positions seem correct, but it is only displaying half the image from the top down. It is like the bottom half of the table cell is masked. In the html I am using: <td width="86"><a href="#" class="about_hover"></a></td> also, this is in a <div> tag.
  7. boberell

    Rollover Image

    Hi, Need some help here. I am trying to create a rollover image with CSS. The code I used is: a.about_hover {display: block;width: 86px;height: 79px;text-decoration: none;background: url("../images/about_button.gif");background-position: 0;} a.about_hover:hover {background-position: -86px;} It works fine, but seems to be showing only about half of the table cell. You can see what I am talking about at: www.pumpernickelpress.com/shop/index.php Any help is greatly appreciated.
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