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  1. You had to dig up deep to find this one! I always saw switch as a serie of if so it never crossed my mind that it wouldn't compare the same way. I guess it's a specificity of JS. I owe you a big thanks for this one! Any place we can suggest to add that bit of info on the w3school page? I'm sure it would be helpful to other ppl as well. Thank you very much! Kudos
  2. sure, the page where the links are code is: <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="fr"><head><title>GATES Innovation - accueil</title><meta name="description" content="GATES Innovation, la référence en service informatique à domicile pour la Capitale nationale et les environs"><meta name="keywords" content="depannage informatique, dépannage informatique, quebec, québec, technicien informatique, reparation d'ordinateur, réparation d'ordinateur, domicile, support technique, ville de québec, ville de quebec, capitale nationale, windows, office, word, excel"><met
  3. I tried exactly what you said and I still get that nasty blue rectangle instead of the button I intend to have, I added the class and the child on the CSS stylesheet and replaced the code for my button in my html, the only difference is that it's lower on the page. I have a hard time wrapping my head around CSS and the relation to html. you can go check http://www.gatesinnovation.com/GATES/contacts.php to see what it does, I doubt that the problem come from somewhere else in the code but if it is, I have no clue where. When I tried using html for both button (using post method) the button was
  4. yup I checked and it does return 5, I aleady checked for a whitespace to be sure, I am really unexperience with html, java and other web language but I did bring some good old soft programmings tricks to debug this is there a default type associated to switch in java? string, num, bool? I didn't see any in w3school article
  5. Another interesting fact is that if I put case Jcon1: alert("I'm in Jcon1"); document.getElementById('Conseil1').style.display = ''; break; instead of with quotes case "Jcon1": alert("I'm in Jcon1"); document.getElementById('Conseil1').style.display = ''; break; it seems to get in but I get no alert after the first alert to check the value in the function
  6. I am calling the function in body <body id="page4" onLoad="FuncShow(ShowTips);> And with the alert inside the function I am getting Fcon1 for ShowTips but it's still going directly to default
  7. Good day, I am quite new to web design with only 3 weeks experience and I ran into a problem that totally elude me. I am currently working on my website and I am stuck with my "Send" button. I can't apply the style from my CSS to my php button, it is supposed to be on the right side and look like the clear button, instead I get a plain rectangle box on the left side. [/left] The first part of the following code is to make a clear button. Here is the html part of the code:[/left] [/size][/color][/font][/left]<div class="alignright"><a href="#" class="link4" onClick="doc
  8. I tried quoting like you mentionned, the only difference is that now it's seems to be getting into the function since it's going to default and modified my code a bit to make sure that I am comparing to a string <script type="text/javascript">var locate = window.locationdocument.varbox.Jvalue.value = locatevar text = document.varbox.Jvalue.valuefunction delineate(str){point = str.lastIndexOf("=");return(str.substring(point+1,str.length));}var TipsToStringTipsToString = delineate(text).toString()var ShowTips;ShowTips = new String(TipsToString);alert(ShowTips);function FuncShow(ShowTips)
  9. Good day to all, I am quite new to web design, started 3 weeks ago so it might seem quite lame of a question but I can't figure it out. I have some links in a page that are passing variable in the url as followed: <article class="col-1"> <h2>Solutions</h2> <ul class="solutions"> <li><img src="http://gatesinnovation.com/GATES/Images/icon1.gif"><p>Quel antivirus choisir?</p><a href="Conseils.html#conseil1?ShowTips=Jcon1" <b>Plus</b></a></li> <li><img src="http://gatesinnovation.com/GAT
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