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  1. how can I handle it...I am useing an shared hosting...like economic plans
  2. I want to changedomain.com/profile.php?user_id=100todomain.com/Danolike facebook or youtubehow can I do that in ASP classic or JavaScript??
  3. do you mean" values ( '/"+title+"/' ,'/"+message+"/' )"? no it is not working..ormay you Re-write that sample to be more clear?
  4. Hello everyone,how can I avoid error in insert code when user insert data with ' symbol? here is a sample for my code: var insert_to = " Insert Into messages ( title, message )" + " values ( '"+title+"' ,'"+message+"' )"; conn.execute(insert_to); how can I avoid that? "I am useing asp with JavaScript <%@Language="JavaScript"%> not VBScript" thanks...
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