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  1. I like it. Those darker tones are more easier to eyes, which i noticed straight-away. Can't say i'm often visiting any book -related sites, so i cannot say is it missing (feature or content wise) something important, but it's working and looking good to me (browsed with Opera). Two things i noticed though:- My eyes got fast really tired, when i was reading about a book, then hovering my eyes to the top-right corner for link to Books, and after repeating that cycle a few times... I might've preferred if that sort of link you use often would be located more left. And yes, i noticed that you can sort my letters, but that only comes after you check one of the features books. Now, my screen resolution is 1920x1080 which might've made it even more tiresome (average visitor probably doesn't have so wide nor high resolution screens i could guess), but there you go.- This is content related and i know you're not quite on that yet, but even so, i would like to see that you could sort books my themes and maybe also by author? Keep it up!
  2. Alright, the English version is now available at http://www.visioville.fi/en/ so go and check it out.
  3. Hi! Visit my site and comment how it looks: http://www.visioville.fi/en/ Here are my main concerns: - CSS3 Transitions have been used both in the Front page's newsbox and in the main thing, the Gallery. It works fine and dandy on the latest versions of Browsers, but how about any older versions (IE for instance)? Is there a code that gets applied to just certain browsers (for example, i could tell the older IE the image could just pop up without any "transition", to avoid problems / broken gallery). - Regarding the previous, is it problematic that i get errors from CSS Validator for all the transitions:".big ul li img Property transition doesn't exist : width 1s ease" (and my code says: .big ul li img { transition: width 1s ease; } ) That's all i had for now. Thanks in advance for reading, visiting my site and hopefully commenting.
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