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  1. Completely agreed.
  2. By the way, it's "Choose your language".
  3. If I could I just say something...I don't think that you're helping eduardlid in your answers. I mean, you guys truly seem awesome people who obviously know your way around programming. You're always ready to help and that is very gentle... honestly.But he won't actually learn anything from these questions/answers. Because minor questions like the ones you (eduardolid) have made, will always occur. I'm nobody to tell you what to do, but I strongly feel that you should struggle with your work. You are not learning. You can't think on your own.Just take a moment to reflect about it, is my piece
  4. PC013

    math forum

    This ain't a forum but is extraordinarily challenging.You can use web languages like PHP to get into it. http://projecteuler.net/
  5. Greetings.I'm Pedro, 20 years of age. I'm an university student (Electrical and Computer Engineering) at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. From there I haven't learned that much about programming. Had 2 nice subjects of C++ and 1 quick look at Assembly on another.Loving programming as I do, I came to learn and practise. I already had a thorough look at HTML and I'm starting at CSS as for now.After that I plan to go through javascript and then I need to take a pause and think of what do do. Considering PHP, mySQL,JQuery, and a couple of others. Quite not sure yet of what I should learn at th
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