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    to much to tell you all here.<br />Basically its getting best result using most simple technology.<br />- Like Batch procedures in DOS mode... <br />- Easy adjust registry things with Scripting ... <br />- creating a Webpage by using notepad only... <br />- Modify Pictures in pbrush...<br />I also use a lot of tools and applications, but do you know And understand what they realy do in the background ?
  1. You where almost right! just switch the ' and " and I get my text red now!document.write("<font color='red'>this is red</font><br />")Thanks for the hint!Jürg
  2. This must have happened during drag and drop!the Code in my example uses " (again with spaces: & # 3 4 ; ) red " ... and it is working for Blue!Thanks for the quick answer! and I will try the optin with ' " etc as well!regards Jürg
  3. Hi folksI would like to see some text in red!but: Red is displayed green #ff0000 is displayed #00ff00 #990000 is displayed #009900it works correct for Blue, #0000ff and #000099 is something wrong with my code?Please look at it below and advice!Thanks in advance for any help and kind regards Jürghtml><body><script type="text/vbscript">document.write("<font color="red">this is red</font><br />")document.write("<font color="blue">this is blue</font><br />")document.write("<font color="brown">this is brown</font><br />")docum
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