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  1. No argument there. And don't feel so alone - you're not the only one who mentioned that. Thanx!
  2. @ Dad:I totally agree. I copied that line of CSS from another page I developed and never updated. As far as the Mistral font - that's the client's preferred. Give 'em what they ask for, that's my motto. Thanks for the input!
  3. Thank you. Observant. Constructive. Note taken.
  4. Oops! I sprained my "copy and paste finger" again.Let's see...OUCH!http://estrelladelnortevineyard.com/
  5. Thank you for the time to critique this site. (Oh, and get a bottle or two while you're there!)
  6. Hello, anybody home? After 100 views, it seems like someone may have an idea... I'd appreciate any feedback - at all - even if it doesn't lead to a solution. I'm just wondering if my computer is the only one in the world broken...
  7. 3 Images, actually. I uploaded the images for whatever that's worth. When the right content is wider than about 600 px (the image, vine, is 571px), the page displays okay. Then when you resize smaller, the content at the first vine image pops down below the left content div, do you see that? My question is, "Why?" It only does that in IE, not FF or Safari. How do I fix it?
  8. Duster,what browser are you using, 'cause I don't think the CSS above works with older I.E.?
  9. Here's a good one. Launch this page w/ IE6. Now grab the bottom corner of the window and size down to the left. See the content starting at the first grapevine image pop down below the left div? Why? What's up with that? http://perfectionconstruction.com/test/EDNV/wineclub.html
  10. Like the proverbial charm, dude! (and I thought I knew a bit about web design!) java script:add_smilie(%22:huh:%22,%22smid_2%22)Thanks again!http://perfectionconstruction.com/test/PSJ...s/earrings.htmlhttp://perfectionconstruction.com/test/PSJ.../earrings2.html
  11. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!Awesome advice, I'll get right on it! The body background color's the fix, and I'll certainly take your other suggestions into consideration. Thank you, I'll post back.
  12. I tried replacing the p's with the div's, I got more white space, at least on my computer. See the new code at:http://perfectionconstruction.com/test/PSJ.../earrings2.html(hint: try resizing your window like really wide!
  13. Actually, no, I left it as is for debugging. I still see white space. I'll give this a try. Thanks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I was doing some inline style there, not referring to a class, which I would do with <p class= and not <p style=. Even with your example, I'm not sure if I understand this. What I'm trying to do with that code is break the lines of images into either two per row or three per row, and preserve that layout no matter the screen resolution or how much the window is resized. So I need that type of break after every two or three images (as you can see
  14. On my screen, this page is displayed with a white space at the bottom of the window, and I don't know why. It doesn't happen on all browsers and platforms. On my Mac, using either Safari or Firefox 3, it displays correctly, the purple background extends to the bottom of the window. But on the Mac, using Bootcamp-WXP-IE 7, the white space is displayed. On my PC-WXP Home, using IE 6 of FF 2 or Safari for Windows, the white space appears. Any help is appreciated:The page:http://perfectionconstruction.com/test/PSJ...s/earrings.htmlA screenshot of the problem: http://perfectionconstruction.co
  15. @Synook: the order form, or as I like to refer to it, the "poor man's order form" (i.e., no little "add to cart" boxes or "view your cart" or credit card numbers, or SSL or MySql or cookies... you know), was by far the most challenging aspect of this site, as you might imagine. I wanted, for the sake of the photographer I built it for, to get it on the net as soon as possible, and the way I did the selects for the photos was adequately functional at the time, a serious improvement over what she had before, which didn't work at all. The best I could muster for multiple orders was the line in
  16. I'd like to say I built it, but I believe in giving credit where it's due, so I got alot of help with the php part on a couple different forums, Firefox and Computing.net primarily. The basic idea was mine, but it took alot of brain stretching to get all the elements of the php submit to work the way I wanted them to.
  17. For the sake of follow up, the locusoptimus trick mentioned by Coolguy above seems to be the only workable solution I've tried. With slight modifications to fit my particular application, it seems to work in all browsers I tried. I'll leave the page up for a few days if you want to see it live. .left a:hover, .middle a:hover, .right a:hover {border-color:yellow;}.left a:link img, .middle a:link img, .right a:link img {padding:2px; border:solid 1px #edd2ab;}.left a:visited img, .middle a:visited img, .right a:visited img {padding:2px; border:solid 1px #a0522d;}.left a:hover img, .middle a:h
  18. Coolguy,i tried the code above but it's got it's own brand of difficulties. i'll leave the page as is for tonight, if you wanna take a look, and i'll try the locusoptimus trick tomorrow. Feel free to check out the CSS, see if i missed anything.
  19. Another thing I just noticed is that IE6 still displays the stupid blue/purple border action. Is it ignorant, or what? Safari doesn't display the colored border at all, no matter how specific you are about it, but then it never did...
  20. @Coolguy:One thing I wanted to do is indicate a visited link, in this case the thumbnails. With just the border you suggested above, there was no way to tell if you'd seen that enlargement (I'm taking into account accessibility for people w/ no short term memory )So I colored the link, visited and hover like the other links on the page. The sweet 2px padding no longer works, but this solution may be the best of both worlds. Although, I may only have replaced one flavor of ugly with another! Your Take?http://perfectionconstruction.com/LuthaZar...ARP/gallery.php
  21. I hear that. Thanks for the cool solution, too! I tried it, and liked it. I like the Safari look, no blue border, no purple visited.
  22. I see what you're saying. Thanks for the input, taken into consideration.
  23. @Synook:1 at a time. Welcome to web 2.0? what's that?background variations, example?graphical boxes? what's that?image buttons? where?I think I might have seen a border somewhere, so you don't need to explain that, unless you want to tell me where to put one (ha ha, where to PUT one, indeed!)I wouldn't ask if I didn't value your input. Thanx.
  24. What, in your opinion, would make it more exciting?
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