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  1. Yeah, except I don't have control on the actual output of the plugin (that I can see) but do have access to CCS files.
  2. Hi, Still a newbie CSS person and have a question I hope someone might be able to help with. I have a Wordpress blog and a particular plugin allows me to output a list from certain database entries. I don't see any way to be able to attach any styling to the various list items. However, each section of the list does have a title included which is consistant. I was hoping there might be some way to style these in the site's CSS file .... hence this forum question. <li id="lead_row_3" class="gf_css_class odd" style="gf_cssall"><ul><li class="text" title="Your First Name">xxxxx</li><li class="text" title="Website"><a class="thickbox colorbox lightbox" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.xxxxx.com">xxxxx.com</a></li><li class="textarea" title="What's your Inspiration Quote?"><p>dfghegvrtshvtwrbhvtrw</p></li><li class="textarea" title="Now we'd love to know why you find that one so inspiring."><p>Eugiat alis hac faccummy aptent vulla cilit, esse put ilisismod, exeriure atis consenisim obor. Aliquatem velessectem endre gait consequ nostra do eraestrud senisl, quatums num augue. Ute endre tis, vero odolorperos dolutem modolore, elementum vendiatie irillam mi. </p></li></ul></li> As you can see, there is classes however they affect multiple areas. The only unique identifier is the title i.e. title="Website" Is being able to style based on this at all possible? Any help would be hugely appreciated.Martin
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