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  1. Sorry. I guess I wasn't clear. I am using "onsubmit" in Form. My input tag is a "type=submit". When the user clicks on this 'submit' button more than once (or presses the "Return" key more than once) I end up with multiple entries. My "onsubmit" goes to a function that checks to see if the input number is valid and if OK the submission is allowed (return true). So, how do I prevent multiple submissions from taking place. There should not be another entry until there is a visible server response to the first submission.
  2. My page allows the user to type in a number and click Enter or press the Enter Key (submit button). My next page then process that number. But if the user clicks twice (or presses the Enter Key twice), my next page gets the number twice. How can I prevent the user from doing this double entry? e.g. Can I disable the submit button after it's been used? Tks
  3. I believe my code matches the W3Shool documentation. It works well in W3S example but it doesn't work in my page. I get a blank result. function myentry() {var mycode='B'; var myres = mycode.fontcolor('red'); document.getElementryById('lastentry').innerHTML = myres; return true;} if I use: document.EntryForm.lastentry.value = result; return true;} I get: <font color="red">B</font> Any idea why? Tks
  4. I just found out - it looks like my web service provider is the one that cut off my e-mail service. I will confirm to you later.
  5. Thanks but "\r\n" didn't change the situation.
  6. I want to send an e-mail. Is this not correct code? The first time I tested it, the e-mail went through. Now it just doesn't go. Do I need to have an e-mail account with my web service provider in order to have my code send an e-mail? $to = $MyEMailaddr; $subject = 'My Website'; $message = $mymsg; $headers = 'UserID & Password' . '\r\n'; mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers); I'm sure $MyEMailaddr contains the correct e-mail address (I have the proof). Same with $Mymsg.
  7. I don't quite understand all this but I will work on it. However, I've defined a button with style='width:100' and it stays the same width no matter what value I assign and if my value is greater than the width, the extra just doesn't show - that's why I was trying to get word wrap.
  8. I don't see how the Display Property is going to help me. I'm just trying to format my BUTTON to word wrap (as can be done in Excell for instance) so that I don't need to have a button that is excessively wide.
  9. How can I get word wrap for button text? I've tried several ways (one below) but nothing works. <style type=\"text/css\"> w.{word-wrap:break-word;} </style> <input type='submit' style='background-color:red;width:430;height:150;font-size:40;font-weight:bold' class='w' value='RAYER les DERNIER (de 1 à 99)>
  10. Thanks. But what is the problem now?I keep getting the alert message no matter if my slice is a,l or any thing else. function mychk(myfld) {with (myfld) {if(bud.checked==true) {var str = myfld.value; if(str.slice(-1) == 'a' || str.slice(-1) == 'l'); {alert('TRANSACTIONS ARE NOT POSSIBLE FOR a OR l ACCOUNTS.');} <------- I keep getting the message no matter what. } }}
  11. Trying to get the last character of a string but get absolutely nothing - no result, not even an alert execution. What's wrong with my substr? It seems to me it agrees with the W3S documentation. function mychk(myfld) {with (myfld) {if(bud.checked==true) {var x = myfld.value; alert(x); <--------------------------- Shows correct results var r = substr(myfld.value,-0,1); <---------Trying to get thelast character of the string. alert(r); <------------------------------ No alert at all } }} NOT ANYBETTER IF I USE var r = substr(x,-0,1); alert(r); <-------------Still no alert.
  12. I thought I was passing 3 integers via $mydt because it contains "1,1,2020" I've made the change to pass 3 integers ($mymm,$mydd,$myyr) and it works fine. Many thanks, Mickey
  13. $mydt=$mymm.','.$mydd.','.$myyr; print("$mydt<br>"); ------------------>= 1,1,2020 $myjd=gregoriantojd($mydt); print("$myjd<br>"); ------------------>= blank (why???) $myname=jdmonthname($myjd,0); print("$myname<br>"); ---------------->= blank (why???) W3 Documentation: $jd=gregoriantojd(1,13,1998); echo jdmonthname($jd,0); ------------>= Jan It seems to me my code agrees with the documentation but it doesn't work.
  14. Thanks for clarifying. I thought it was available according to what I thought I had seen in documentation. It's unfortunate that this is not possible.
  15. With this, I get no borders (as requested): <input readonly style='border:none;color:black;text-align:left;width:100;font-size:16' value='$ActNm'> With this, I get borders all around while I just want a bottom border. <input readonly style='border:bottom;color:black;text-align:left;width:100;font-size:16' value='$ActNm'>
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