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  1. I just found out - it looks like my web service provider is the one that cut off my e-mail service. I will confirm to you later.
  2. Thanks but "\r\n" didn't change the situation.
  3. I want to send an e-mail. Is this not correct code? The first time I tested it, the e-mail went through. Now it just doesn't go. Do I need to have an e-mail account with my web service provider in order to have my code send an e-mail? $to = $MyEMailaddr; $subject = 'My Website'; $message = $mymsg; $headers = 'UserID & Password' . '\r\n'; mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers); I'm sure $MyEMailaddr contains the correct e-mail address (I have the proof). Same with $Mymsg.
  4. I don't quite understand all this but I will work on it. However, I've defined a button with style='width:100' and it stays the same width no matter what value I assign and if my value is greater than the width, the extra just doesn't show - that's why I was trying to get word wrap.
  5. I don't see how the Display Property is going to help me. I'm just trying to format my BUTTON to word wrap (as can be done in Excell for instance) so that I don't need to have a button that is excessively wide.
  6. How can I get word wrap for button text? I've tried several ways (one below) but nothing works. <style type=\"text/css\"> w.{word-wrap:break-word;} </style> <input type='submit' style='background-color:red;width:430;height:150;font-size:40;font-weight:bold' class='w' value='RAYER les DERNIER (de 1 à 99)>
  7. Thanks. But what is the problem now?I keep getting the alert message no matter if my slice is a,l or any thing else. function mychk(myfld) {with (myfld) {if(bud.checked==true) {var str = myfld.value; if(str.slice(-1) == 'a' || str.slice(-1) == 'l'); {alert('TRANSACTIONS ARE NOT POSSIBLE FOR a OR l ACCOUNTS.');} <------- I keep getting the message no matter what. } }}
  8. Trying to get the last character of a string but get absolutely nothing - no result, not even an alert execution. What's wrong with my substr? It seems to me it agrees with the W3S documentation. function mychk(myfld) {with (myfld) {if(bud.checked==true) {var x = myfld.value; alert(x); <--------------------------- Shows correct results var r = substr(myfld.value,-0,1); <---------Trying to get thelast character of the string. alert(r); <------------------------------ No alert at all } }} NOT ANYBETTER IF I USE var r = substr(x,-0,1); alert(r); <-------------Still no alert.
  9. I thought I was passing 3 integers via $mydt because it contains "1,1,2020" I've made the change to pass 3 integers ($mymm,$mydd,$myyr) and it works fine. Many thanks, Mickey
  10. $mydt=$mymm.','.$mydd.','.$myyr; print("$mydt<br>"); ------------------>= 1,1,2020 $myjd=gregoriantojd($mydt); print("$myjd<br>"); ------------------>= blank (why???) $myname=jdmonthname($myjd,0); print("$myname<br>"); ---------------->= blank (why???) W3 Documentation: $jd=gregoriantojd(1,13,1998); echo jdmonthname($jd,0); ------------>= Jan It seems to me my code agrees with the documentation but it doesn't work.
  11. Thanks for clarifying. I thought it was available according to what I thought I had seen in documentation. It's unfortunate that this is not possible.
  12. With this, I get no borders (as requested): <input readonly style='border:none;color:black;text-align:left;width:100;font-size:16' value='$ActNm'> With this, I get borders all around while I just want a bottom border. <input readonly style='border:bottom;color:black;text-align:left;width:100;font-size:16' value='$ActNm'>
  13. Thanks but this wont do the job. I dont think using <div> and </div> tags for every <input...> tag I have is the way to do it. What I'm looking for is bottom borders for my <input...> tag. Also, the W3 example of margins doesn't even work in the W3 documentation itself. Go there and try to modify the margin sizes!
  14. How do I get bottom borders or left borders only? In my input tag, I've used style='border:none' --- works fine. style='border:left' --- I get all borders. style='border:bottom' --- I get all borders. TKS
  15. Yes, I know they can be tough. That's why I went to the forum.
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