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  1. Sorry I didn't want to bother you with all the code (now below) and sorry I didn't explain the problem properly.

    My problem is not with the logic but with the syntax.

    What happens is I get  Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ']'

    If I don't have a solution to this, then I can try it as you suggest - just push results to the end.

    But I would prefer to have a solution to my syntax problem.


    $childtotal = 0;
            {//================= GET CHILD =========================================
            $query = "SELECT * FROM  names WHERE `Ref`='$Row[$childdisp]' ";
            $Results = mysql_query($query, $link) or die ('Error = '. mysql_error());
            $AffectedRows = mysql_affected_rows($link);
            if($AffectedRows < 1)
                {$Child[$childcnt[1]]=="$Row[$childdisp] Not in the Database.";
            else {$Child[$childcnt] = mysql_fetch_row($Results);
                print("$Child[$childcnt[1]] - $Child[$childcnt[2]]");}  <-------SYNTAX  PROBLEM????
            $childcnt = $childcnt + 1;
            $childdisp = $childdisp + 1;
            $childtotal = $childtotal + 1;}
        else {$childcnt = 10;}


  2. After a query which is iterative depending on a variable count (like $childcnt between 1 & 10), I place the data into an array $Cild[$childcnt]

    But then I can't access the data within each array,

    Is my code not correct?

    $Child[$childcnt] = mysql_fetch_row($Results);
                print("$Child[$childcnt[1]] - $Child[$childcnt[2]]");


  3. I have this function code:function myadmin(){location.href=\"HA_AdminChoices.php\";return false;window.open(location.href); return false;} and I have this code to call the function:if ($auth=="a") {myadmin();} But I get this error message:Fatal error: Call to undefined function myadmin() Don't I have the correct way of calling a function? ThanksMickey

  4. Tried it but doesn't work.Is this what you meant?<input readonly size=\"10\" style=\"white-space:nowrap;color:maroon;text-align:left\" value=\"Date\"><input readonly size=\"33\" style=\"white-space:nowrap;color:maroon;text-align:left\" value=\"Description\"><input readonly size=\"10\" style=\"white-space:nowrap;color:maroon;text-align:right\" value=\"Amount\"> <input readonly size=\"15\" style=\"white-space:nowrap;color:maroon;text-align:left\" value=\"From Account\"><input readonly size=\"15\" style=\"white-space:nowrap;color:maroon;text-align:left\" value=\"To Account\">

  5. W3Schools says "If the width attribute is not set, a table takes up the space it needs to display the table data. Problem: I have no width attribute but the width displayed is only a bit more than the screen width and it takes 3 rows to display the data instead of displaying all in one row. I do not have a CSS defining the width. If I define the width in the table tag as width="5000", my data iscorrectly displayed in one row. But I don't want to use this methodbecause the length of my row is variable from one user to another.

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