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  1. Locally i using NoBot which is working good. okBut when i upload it on server. it gives everytime InvalidBadResponse.Please help me.My code is completly correct. I follow the code from a 5 different websites.What is reason.Is i am missing something in Bin, Web.config. or some thing in page?( C#, ASP.net , AjaxControlToolkit) I add all my dll to bin, add control to web.config. and add reference to page.what is missing on server.
  2. your answer is rely helpful. Is there any way. when i subscribe with outlook. and it put url direclty into RSS feed.Such as we manually put url in outlook Something like this .when we subscribe RSS with outlook it put url in outlook. Please help me.Thanks
  3. Thanks for reply but please its not like that " It adds the extra http:// because you're missing a second slash in the "http:/" you put in your URL " My Url is like https://www.abc.net. Please see attchment.When i subscribe RSS with outlook. it put url in feed likehttp://https:/www.abc.com Please help me.I see all https site. when on each https site. i subscribe RSS feed with outlook.it give wrong url like me.I mention these sites. please check these sites and subscribe it with outlook. May be it give you some sense. https://mvp.support..../gp/mvprssfeeds Please go above site and subscribe may
  4. I create Rss feed but it does not work with https:when i subscribe it wiht outlook express. it add extra httpe.g;http://https:/www.abc.com Please why this happen with https site.My email id is emc_waseem@hotmail.com My problem just like that site. please see it.https://mvp.support..../gp/mvprssfeedshttp://www.verisign.com/rss/ When i subscribe this site RSS feed with outlook express. it give wrong url in feed.Can you send me coding in asp.net for Rss feed for SSL? My email id is emc_waseem@hotmail.com
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