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  1. hei.. Pls help regarding this. pls tel what are the steps require for this job. I have 1> WAMP installed2> one gmail account nothing more. now what are the steps require for sending mail from localhost as I didnt upload the application in internet. later on i will upload my application in internet.
  2. hello all, In my application I want to verify users email ID. So that I want to send a verification code to their email.Kindly anybody help regarding this. I want to send email from my application using a gmail account. Thank you
  3. got the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. iam ruuning my own IMAP server!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. when i try to login with userid n pwd it showsERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.
  6. iam faceing problem in installing SquirrelMail in localhost. please help me...
  7. i think when u are coding in ur local machine it doesnt need any FTP server. so dnt bother about FTP server now. do ur work in local machine then u can upload to any site using any FTP.
  8. for beginners WAMP server is the best!!!!!!!!!! try ithttp://www.wampserver.com/en/
  9. sumbin

    SHOW DATABASES is slow

    if you want to show all the databases present in your mysql-server you need the query "show databases", if in your server the no. of database are large then it wil definitely take time to execute the query.if you want show few databases of your choice you can use LIKE clause..e.g. " show databases like '<search key word>%' " i.e. show databases like '<user>%' , the above query will show all the databases starting with user
  10. sumbin

    AJAX form submit

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. sumbin

    AJAX form submit

    please show me a example!!!!!!!!!!! with simple code
  12. yes !! we can use this php function but the actaul problem is when a hackers use hexadecimal input!! how to prevent it??
  13. sumbin

    AJAX form submit

    yes!!!! i know a bit of ajax. but the problem is when there many no.s of text fields and when the no. of text is vriable then how to code it????
  14. sumbin

    AJAX form submit

    hi..everyone!!!!!!!!iam trying to submit a form which has approx 10 text fields with ajax. but iam unable to write the code. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in this regard thanksSuman
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