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  1. would the Windows version of PHP, ASP also be supported do you reckon?
  2. Are there any articles from W3Schools about CGI scripts? I want my forms to send info like username and password to a server so I can process that information with a script in like a mySQL database (so that the user can log on to their customized page in the future). I think that's right at least. Two questions: First: Where and how can I utilize a server to contain this user login info(for now)? Would I use like GoDaddy to get my own server?Second question: How would a CGI script have to be coded in order for it to process this info for later use on my website? or do I need to use PHP for that. I've heard that mentioned in conjunction with mySQL databases.I know this all sounds pretty vague, but I'm continually doing more research on the topic, just wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on the topic. This is a great site, thanks for any and all replies.
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