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  1. What projects are you currently developing or involved in? My current and only project is my website, and the development progress is ongoing. New features are still being developed and integrated! What projects are you currently developing? A C++, or Website related project? Screenshot of my progress:
  2. Apply the first image as a fixed background & contain all the texts in a semi transparent div boxes. That would be a brilliant enhancement from what you've got at the moment!
  3. It's quite conservative in terms of filling spaces and your use of colour is very vibrant. I like it, it looks unique.
  4. What you could do is to perform checks to see if the client uses a mobile phone or a desktop computer, then you can set conditions to the HTML elements whether to use onclick or ontouchstart. I think it's the simplest approach and there is a method of checking the client's browsing platform using Javascript.
  5. getty

    Page Counters?

    The simplest form you can make is by having a text file where you can store the numbers of visitors and increment the number every time a new visitor arrives at your index page. This can be enhanced into the same form but with SQL to store the numbers of the visitors.
  6. You can do the same in PHP with: <?phpecho "You're being redirected to... page";sleep(1000);header("Location: page.php");?>
  7. getty

    Visitor IP

    Unfortunately the means of hiding the IP is the exact purpose of a Website Proxy. HTTP_X_FORWARDED... is the original IP of the user and if it is set (isset) REMOTE_ADDR would be the proxy's address. Bare in mind that multiple layers can be used as a proxy hiding the original IP behind the supposed 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED' IP. There is no way around this and even Google is having this sort of problem. There is however a way of identifying the ISP of the client although it does come at a cost. There are database containing IP addresses and ISP details that you can subscribe for a monthly instalment of payments. The only website I know who does this sort of service for FREE (giving out ISP details) is whatsmyip.com.
  8. getty

    MP3 streaming

    Try feeding the data while the file is being loaded by using buffers. The code below is effective for the video ads handler for my website. Replace the variables where necessary. header('Content-Type: video/flv'); header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=". $video['rowfilename']. ".flv"); $fd = fopen($filename, "r"); while(!feof($fd)) { echo fread($fd, 1024 * 5); flush_buffers(); } fclose ($fd); exit();
  9. <?php echo "Hello World";?> The code above would be the best piece to start off. There is so much possibility with just 'Echo' to use. I suggest you move on next to learning variable handling, after that, learn 'If' statements. After that you should have the basic grasp of the language where you could pretty much 'talk' and 'reason' by speaking PHP. It's a language, remember, only that it's more technical, optimized, and you have a few selections of words to choose.
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