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  1. Could you be more specific please? And if possible write some examples?
  2. eduardar


    The answer is simple! You can use Webstudio on a Mac (Google)!
  3. eduardar


    WRONG! Not neccessity!(He didn´t look at Google!)
  4. eduardar


    Wrong! I´ve a Mac with INTEL processor!(See Google)
  5. The same question I have for a decent website: www.huahum.com.arMaybe I have to improve this website. I know the owner personally! He´s now on holidays (Venezuela). Next week I´m going to talk to him!So, what are your suggestions for this website?(P. s. I already had 1 suggestion: also in english!)
  6. eduardar


    No, it´s written for Windows and I need a programm on my Mac which I don´t have!
  7. eduardar


    I have downloaded Webstudio, but I can´t read the install instructions on my Mac! Can someone help me please Thanks
  8. That´s because of the content of the 2nd site!
  9. I did!Estimado señor David Rubinstein:Estas son mis respuestas:http://www.milotero.com/- Mal diseño. Otros colores y fotos (HTML + CSS).http://www.muydiscreto.com/- Mal diseño. Otros colores y fotos (HTML + CSS). Más idiomas (español, alemán (?), francés (?)).http://www.pemcet.com/english/index.php- Mal diseño. Otros colores y fotos y video (HTML + CSS). Más idiomas (alemán (?), francés (?)).¡Esa es mi página favorita!AtentamenteEduard Lid
  10. Well, finally I found that place where I can concentrate me for 95%! (Since 5 days I live - temporary - in a parochy of a church!). Yesterday I applied for a job and today I got this reply (spanish!). I had to look at the 3 URL´s written and answer 4 questions!1 What do look negative on the 3 URL´s?2 What would you change on the pages?3 How would you do it?4 What-s your favorite page? (there´s 1 ###### website, NOT my favourite!) Suggestions please to get this job? Gracias por enviarnos Tu hoja de vida y ponerte en contacto con nosotros. Nuestro grupo administra hoy por hoy un grupo importan
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