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  1. Okay - I've played with this in excel and VBA and have the bones of a script: Sub Macro1() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Do If InStr(ActiveCell.Value, "<timestamp>") > 0 Then If Mid(ActiveCell.Value, 18, 4) < 2010 Then Do ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 0).Select Loop Until InStr(ActiveCell.Value, "<revision>") > 0 Do Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp Loop Until InStr(ActiveCell.Value, "</revision>") > 0 Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp Else ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select End If Else If InStr(A
  2. Hey. I posted something at http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=43927 that I need help with. I was looking for a VBS solution to delete lines of an XML doc (as though it were a text file) based upon lines above and below.It seems like a fairly straightforward idea, but I'm not that fantastic at VBS and thought someone may be able to work out a quicker way of doing this than I can.
  3. It's a wiki. And I'm not the site owner, just contributor/administrator. And given the content needed is around 30% of (estimated) 10GB, I don't really want to manually edit the files. Which is why I was looking for a desktop XML editor with macro functionality. Or a VBS approach, which it looks like I might have to go for.
  4. Sorry - I should have been clearer. I have no access to server side script at all. I can simply upload the XML doc, but due to a sloooooow sever, large XML files have a tendency to time out on upload. Hence I can download big files, but upload small ones. SoI was looking for something to manipulate the XML prior to upload.I have XML notepad, but that has no macro functionality (as far as I can see). I can manipulate it using VBA through excel/Word, but MS has a tendency to do UGLY stuff to XML files when saving.My next option is writing a local VBS which will go through and do the manipulation
  5. My XML knowledge is fairly terrible, but I have an XML issue that someone may have an easy option for processing this. I have an XML document that maps kinda like this: <mediawiki> <siteinfo> <sitename></sitename> <base></base> <generator></generator> <case></case> <namespaces> <namespace></namespace> </namespaces> </siteinfo> <page> <title></title> <id></id> <revision> <id></id> <timestamp>2011-03-23T11:55:10Z</timestamp> <contr
  6. Hey PuppyOnTheRadio, often seen at uncyclopedia.wikia.com. I'm a shockingly bad coder, but like to use bits and pieces of jscript, vbs/vba, html, css, and xml to decorate birthday cakes. Yep - that's about it.
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