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  1. [/left][left]<form>[/left][left]<fieldset id="field"><legend>Oversea Currency Rates</legend><dl><dt><label for="currency">Currency</label></dt><dd><select id="cur" name="cur"><option value="SGD">SGD</option><option value="USD">USD</option><option value="EUR">EUR</option><option value="GBP">GBP</option><option value="CNY">CNY</option><option value="JPY">JPY</option><option value="KRW">KRW</option></select><input type="text" size="16" requ
  2. <html><head><title>Korean Language School</title><script type="text/javascript"> function apply() { document.frm.sub.disabled = true; if (document.frm.chk.checked == true) { document.frm.sub.disabled = false; } if (document.frm.chk.checked == false) { document.frm.sub.enabled = false; } }</script></head><body><form id="apply" action="" name="frm"> <fieldset> <legend>Customer Information</legend> <dl> <dt><label for="name">Name</label></dt> <dd>
  3. >.< I starred at it for quite some time and still dont get it.. omg. *Edit! I found it >.< I got an extra 's' on the element!!! Omg ~_~ Thanks so much again!
  4. Hey, i tried doing the codes again and i found another problem. For my radio buttons, only my first radio button ( Less than 20) Is not working. However, the second and third radio button is working well. I Checked and the wording are actually same. <script type="text/javascript"> function CalculateSO() { var amt = document.getElementsByName('soAMT')[0].value; var bank = document.getElementsByName('bank')[0]; var selectedbank = bank.options[bank.selectedIndex].value; if (selectedbank == "DBS" || selectedba
  5. Thank you everyone! Thanks for your suggestion and help! My codes are working well now! Cheers!
  6. Hello people, i need help on my HTML5 Form with javascript. I have been looking over and over at my textbook as reference to do the scripting. [some with google] However, i dont seem to be able to generate a answer out from my codes. Does anyone know why and how i can fix it?Your help is deeply appreciated! Thank you! Here are my codes <script type="text/javascript"> function CalculateMEPS() { var amt = document.getElementsByName('mepsAMT').value; var bank = document.getElementsByName('bank').value; var selectedbank = document.get
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