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  1. Hi Niche Yes that is correct the test code works fine without the z-index. Not sure what you mean by there's no float. However I inserted a float:inherit: , float: left; and even a float:none; none of them made a jot of difference. If that helps. It's a real weird one. Thanks Paul
  2. the test code fails as well as soon as you insert a z-index statement in the article.notepad css
  3. In the WordPress site yes, but in the test code http://www.sich.co.u...ning/index.html there is nothing. Try adding z-index:2; to the article.notepad and youll see the problem
  4. Hi I have some css3 and html5 that shows some text on a notepad with pages behind see http://www.sich.co.uk/learning/index.html. When this is put into my wordpresshomepage it does not work.The problem appears to be with the z-index and should be solved by putting in a high z-index no in the article.notepad however if I do this on the test page or in wordpress site it fails. So even in the test code as soon as I put a z-index: 2; in article for instance it fails. Take it out and it works perfectly.I have been banging my head against a brick wall on this one. Any help form all you WordPress, CSS3 & html5 gurus would be appreciated. I have included the source html and then the CSS. it is exactly the same code in the wordpress site. Any thoughts would be appreciated.StumpedPaul index.html stylenotepad.css
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