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  1. softdoni

    Hide scroll bar

    #FrescoMaybe you do not need use Jquery, just set the property on your CSS as the way: /* hide vertical scrollbar */notificationbox { overflow: hidden; overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:auto; /*or hidden if you want*/}browser[type=content-primary], browser[type=content-targetable] { overflow: hidden; overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:auto; /*or hidden if you want*/margin-right: -16px; /* cut off 16 pixels no matter what*/} Send one msg to us if that worth for you.
  2. Hello #DarrelMan First you forget to close one sentence in your CSS "menu.css": #nav li:hover ul li a:hover{background:#333;#nav ul{ Before start the ID "#nav ul", you should close the elements propierts from "#nav li:hover ul li a:hover" with one "}" after that, I had tried test on my internet explorer and works fine... but anyway, get this example "easy" to integer and may can help you with that issue. http://www.cssnolanche.com.br/lab/menu-dropdown/menu-dropdown.rar from the website: http://www.cssnolanche.com.br/css-dropdown-menu-sem-javascript-ou-hacks/
  3. #johnnyg24 Try to manage your IIS if you have access to IIS Settings, and set the timeout script default from "ASP" to one value more large then 3600. After that you could not set scripttimeout in your aplication while you send emails, until you finish that.And as the #justsomeguy said, the response.flush do not resset the time of set = "0" the time. Anyway, another questions msg us !! thanks and good lucky !
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