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  1. Hi All, How to get the text() in between first child's preceding-sibling? I would like to check whether any texts between <Para><UnorderedList> and </UnorderedList></Para>. i.e 1: <Para><UnorderedList Mark="None"><ItemContent><Para>sample text</Para></ItemContent> <ItemContent><Para>sample text</Para></ItemContent></UnorderedList>sample text2</Para> i.e 2: <Para>sample text<UnorderedList Mark="None"><ItemContent><Para>sample text</Para></ItemContent><ItemContent><Para>sample text</Para></ItemContent></UnorderedList></Para> Note: first child my be any element name where i have given as a example. Regards,Selvakumar
  2. Hi All, How to get number of attributes in a specified XML Element? Regards,Selvakumar
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