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  1. I have solved my problem. Regards
  2. Doesn't work in Internet Explorer
  3. Hello I have been trying to tack down a problem I am having using numbers. I have calculated a floor-load and the result is wrong. I attach a sample of the code showing the calculated result and the correct result. This is making me pull out my hair. Any advice welcome. Regards demo.html
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have just solved my problem. I started my array index at 1, not zero. I was aware of the zero value but I did not allow for in the .length statement. The for statement was seeing one more array element than there was so it chucked out 'undefined'. for the last element. Regards
  5. Hello I have hit a snag with a bit of code I have written. I read a bit of text into a function called TextBox(ref,txt), I then strip the text into words and then I make up fixed length sentences which I want to use later. I have the code to work except that after I leave a for-loop (line 41) the function stops. If I // line 38, the function goes beyond line 41 and exits. It appears to be with the variable word[wordIndex].length. Hide this and it exits. I have used the variable elsewhere so I am not getting anywhere. If any one has any clues, please help. This is dogging my progress. problem (2).txt
  6. My Internet Explorer is faulty. My mates IE works fine. Sorry for not checking this sooner. Regards
  7. If it works in your IE, then mine must be faulty. I have IE 10. Regards
  8. Sorry Try the link, please have a look at the code and tell me if my doc declaration is wrong. I cannot put the code on the forum for you to see, its too big. If the code works in chrome, why not explorer. I read that there are incompatibility issues and i do not intend to rewrite my scripts to please microsoft. Hopefully, its in the head statement of the html but I do not know what to put. As I say, it works in other browsers. Regards
  9. hello After many months, I have finally got my form working in google as I want but it will not work in IE. Can anyone advise me please on where I have gone wrong. If I may, I attach the link to the page hemis.co.uk/New Age Glass/New Age Glass.html I use cm instead of pixles when specifying the screen-page. regards
  10. This did the trick var n = text.replace(/</g,'<').replace(/>/g,'>').replace(/%3C/g,'<').replace(/%3E/g,'>')
  11. I want to prevent cross-site scripting such as described in the javascript definitive guide (o'reilly) page 336: ie name.replace(/</g,"<"). My question was; are there other control-codes such as < I need to replace. Regards
  12. Hello I need to disable malicious scripts from entering through an input text box. Is there an example of the code necessary to disable < and %3 type instructions. I am sure there are more. Regards
  13. Hi I created two functions to read the variables from a string (lines 60 and 70) and then converted into my variables on lines 82 and 83. Works for me. Thanks for the JSON tip variables.htmlvariables.html
  14. Thanks for the advise. I attach the program with JSON added. If you see the alert, the JSON variable 'x' converts to the object so did not work. Did I do the method correct. variables.html
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