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  1. I will keep this in mind for future posts. Thank you. Thank you. I will also keep this in mind when validating any CSS/3 files in the future.
  2. Hey guys, I don't mean to be overly persistent but there have been lots of views and no replies. Has no one experienced the same scenario? Or do people tend to not bother validating their CSS files? Thanks, Paul.
  3. Hey guys, I have just validated all my HTML pages for a web site I am working using the W3C validator. I thought I would run my CSS file through the CSS validator and was presented with lots of errors. Many of the errors that were displayed read something like this, "Property -moz-transform doesn't exist : translateY(-100px)". (Giving lots of "property" errors) Without these properties, I don't think I can achieve the desired effects using CSS in another way. I am new to web design/development so I'm still learning some of the basics. My question: Is the W3C CSS validator up to date? I am sure that I have seen some of the properties I have used demonstrated on this website (W3Schools). So surely they are valid? Thanks in advance for any replies. Paul.
  4. Hi guys, I am currently having some issues with certain elements of a website I am building displaying slightly differently in different browsers. One example is: I have a form which contains two text input fields and two buttons. I have the text input fields one beneath the other and the two buttons below them, side-by-side. They sit beside one another fine in Chrome and IE9 (believe it or not!) and barely in Opera. However, in Firefox they do not. I have given the buttons a class and played around with the margins and padding, I also floated each button to the left. I am also aware that each browser has it's own default CSS rules? I imagine this would play a big part in elements displaying differently. Is there a way that I can remove each browsers default rules? I hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys, I am currently in the process of building the HTML and CSS structure of a website for a friend. The website will use images, but the images that will be used will most likely be from Google image searches. I understand that any images used will belong to a third party. Will I be able to use any images I wish, as long as I reference them correctly somewhere in the HTML code? If so, how will I go about doing so? Would it be within the "alt" attribute? Any help with using third party images and referencing will be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately the organisation I am building the web site for doesn't have a photographer and are highly unlikely to employ one. I will be happy to answer questions regarding the web site if it will help me get an answer. Thanks in advance.
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