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  1. I believe I found the Solution was was to add <?php to the connect.php. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, So here is my scripts: test.php <?phpinclude 'connect.php';?> connect.php define("HOST", "localhost");define("USER", "guest");define("PASSWORD", "guest");define("DATABASE", "Minecraft");$mysqli = new mysqli (HOST, USER, PASSWORD, DATABASE); But when I go and view the test.php in my browser it just prints all the code on the screen like this define("HOST", "localhost"); define("USER", "guest"); define("PASSWORD", "guest"); define("DATABASE", "Minecraft"); $mysqli = new mysqli (HOST, USER, PASSWORD, DATABASE); Im a newb to PHP can anyone see what I have done wrong?
  3. Hey guys, Just was adding some content to my website this morning but a href link isnt working in chrome but it works in IE where all the other href's are working in both browsers. Check for your self www.fenlig.com The Href link that is giving me problems is the first one. <!----1.3.1----><div class="skin"> <h2 class="time_stamp"> 10:14 1st of August 2012 </h2> <p class="text"> 1.3.1 is live, check the patch notes <a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/edstonehelper/comments/p6lol/planned_for_the_next_update/">here</a>. </p><hr> <!----Cha
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