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  1. Thanks for the critiques. reg1965, I would agree with you on the validation part, however I would never use this form of navigation on a site with 1000 pages. It is designed specifically for what I have and where I think I'm going with it.
  2. Hello, Just finished my new portfolio site. Please let me know what you think.http://www.t2cweb.com -James
  3. This is my portfolio site that I am working on. I am not great with body copy so I am relying on imagery to distract from the fact that I do not have a lot of that and it's not my strong suit. The images on the work page is just placeholders. Any comments or critiques are welcome. http://www.t2cweb.com/newt2c/
  4. Experimenting with CSS3 to create an animated landscape completely from type. Let me know what you think.www.worldoftype.com
  5. Site Name: A World of TypeSite Description: CSS3 and TYPESite Owner/Developer: James PluimSite address: http://www.worldoftype.comExtra comments: This site is an experiment using CSS3 to create an animated landscape completely from type.
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