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  1. Oh, I didn't know this. Thanks, it works now!
  2. No, I changed those variables in phpMyAdmin.
  3. I set "collation connection", "collation server" and "collation database" to "utf8_general_ci" and "character set server", "character set results", "character set filesystem", "character set database", "character set connection" and "character set client" to "utf8" but it still doesn't help.
  4. No matter what I try, unicode characters that are read from a MySQL database like japanese ones are replaced by "?" while characters like "ä", "ö", "ü", "»", "«", etc. are replaced by "�". I pasted this at the top of the PHP code: header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8'); mb_internal_encoding('UTF-8'); mb_http_output('UTF-8'); mb_http_input('UTF-8'); mb_regex_encoding('UTF-8'); I saved the PHP file as UTF-8 and UTF-8 without BOM and put <meta charset="UTF-8"> into it. (When I insert unicode characters directly in the file, they're displayed correctly, though...)
  5. I thought the opposite way and changed "c" to "C" because it also didn't work. Never mind, I found the error. Instead of "document.addEventListener" you must use window.addEventListener instead...
  6. I tried to add a "hashChange" event to the body element using the "onload" event, but nothing happens when the hash changes: document.addEventListener("hashChange", function() { alert(location.hash); }); But t works when I add onhashchange="alert(location.hash)" to the body element? Why?
  7. I don't know how to access these array... I want to change content on the page without loading a whole new page. Just like AJAX.
  8. Hello, I'm currently learning JavaScript and I plan to work a lot with arrays. I store all arrays in external files and use JSON to access them. Now I wanted to read the names of all arrays that are nested in one main array to create a navigation list but I don't know how to do that. This is an example of a JSON file I use: {"MainArray":[ {"SubArray1":[{ ... }] }, {"SubArray2":[{ ... }] }, {"SubArray3":[{ ... }] } ]} How do I get the names of all SubArrays? I tried this // arr is a JSON-parsed string function myFunction(arr) { var out = ""; var i;
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