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  1. Tom

    References as PDF

    That's correct, but if I would wrote this Refs as PDF, I would publish them. I think, others need these PDF's or parts of them too. And why not generate a PDF as copy of the websites by Refsnes Data. They change the websites if there will be updates, so it's easy to update the PDF's, isn't it?
  2. Hi, I've updated my FF and there are not problems.
  3. Tom

    References as PDF

    I would, but there is a Copyright.
  4. Tom

    Error Reporting

    Hi @ all, I've found an error at this forum. After I click the button "Alter Warning Level" I get an error report. I think, the easiest way is to hide the button if there is no warn status.
  5. Hi W3Schools - Team, One Month ago, I decided to create my own homepage. During my studies at w3schools.com I sit in front of my laptop and read, change window, type, change window, read, change window, type... After one day I wish to have all references as pdf-document for printing, but I can't found anyone. So my suggestion:All refernces as PDF-document for printing.
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