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  1. Hello, I'm working actually on a project where I have to create a SOC design using the Board NB3000 from Altium. One part of this project is to communicate with a given published web service. As you know in embedded project we use most of the time the pure C.I'm trying to use gSOAP to create the needed files for my project. I managed to create the files from WSDL file.I tried to include my files to Altium Designer and compile, the result was too much errors. I was thinking that it's something to do with the c compiler of Altium Designer so I decided to try first to communicate with the web service using pure c under Ubuntu with the compiler GCC. I have less errors. The errors are: /tmp/ccgst5ir.o: In function `soap_init_LIBRARY_VERSION_REQUIRED_20809':main.c:(.text+0x2c469): undefined reference to `namespaces'/tmp/ccgst5ir.o: In function `soap_print_fault':main.c:(.text+0x3ce23): undefined reference to `soap_check_faultsubcode'main.c:(.text+0x3ce41): undefined reference to `soap_check_faultdetail'/tmp/ccgst5ir.o: In function `soap_sprint_fault':main.c:(.text+0x3cfa5): undefined reference to `soap_check_faultdetail'collect2: ld returned 1 exit status It will be great if some one can help me to communicate with my web service using pure C. (I can send the link for the WSDL.) Thank you.
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