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  1. girl


    Hi all.Can you please suggest me a good way to make pagination in php or a good tutorial about it?Thanks
  2. girl

    Embed video

    How do I embed video using php?I want to copy-paste youtube link and get embed link.Thanks
  3. girl

    Video via youtube link

    Should I use regular expressions here?
  4. girl

    Video via youtube link

    Yeah, thanks...But there is a problem... I try with iframe.When I enter this link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/XGSy3_Czz8k; it plays normally, but when I try other links, it doesn't. What is the problem??? The /embed/ part of link?
  5. Hello everybody :)Can you please help me. I want to insert video in my page using its youtube URL. How can I do it?Thanks
  6. girl


    Hi all.I have a question. I want to upload an image using php and insert it into mysql table. I think I can do it with move_uploaded_file, but I don know how to write the destination to mysql table.Thanks.
  7. Hello.I have a question.I have created a converter. I have table in Mysql, where I bring exchange rates from. But I don wanna update that rates everyday by hand. Is there any way to get that data updated from internet?Thanks
  8. girl

    Image transparency

    Solved... thanks to everyone ))
  9. girl

    Image transparency

    Yah, I got my mistake that it is not image.... but can't understand to what give that opacity???
  10. girl

    Image transparency

    Yes, I got.So how I can give "opacity" to background???
  11. girl

    Image transparency

    Hello everyone.I need your help people.Here I have a code: in html<div class="word-box"> <table><tr><td colspan="2"><h1>title</h1></td></tr> <tr><td style="width:150px";><p>some text </p></td> <td><p>some text </p></td></tr></table></div> in css.word-box{margin-top:-255px; margin-left:0px;width:300px; height:350px; border-width:2px; border-style: solid; border-color: #5492D9; background-image:url('images/61.jpg');} .word-box img{opacity:0.4;} BUt image doesn't display tra
  12. girl

    PHP help

    Yeah, thank you. I did just so, and it works.THanks
  13. girl

    PHP help

    OK, here t is:menu.php <form action="page.php" method="get"> <?php include ("connect-db.php"); session_start(); mysql_select_db("db-name", $con); $id=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tour_programs") or die($id."<br/><br/>".mysql_error() ); $row= mysql_fetch_array($id); echo '<a href="page.php?id='. $row['id'] .'">'.$row['tour_name'].'</a>'; echo "</br>"; ?> </form> page.php <?phpinclude ("connect-db.php");mysql_select_db("db-name", $con); $var=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tour_programs where id='".$_GET["id"]."' ");$row= mysql_fetch_array($var)
  14. girl

    PHP help

    Thank You very much.You know I have tried it, but I don know why when in menu.php I write echo '<a href="page.php?id='. $row['id'] .'">'.$row['title'].'</a>';it echoes only the first record of database, though I have a lot there.
  15. girl

    PHP help

    Hello people.Happy New Year.I started new year with learning php, but there is something I need, but still don know. I have a table in database with records, and I want to have links in a page: link 1link 2...link n when I click on link 1, it selects and outputs the record with id1, link 2-with id 2 and so on.Will you please advice me a way to do it.Thanks for advance.
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