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  1. I have resolved my issues with the code below: SELECT DISTINCTA1.assetid,A1.agencygroup,A1.agencyname,A1.agencyid,A1.categoryid ServiceCodeID,A1.assignedto,A1.vehicleid,A1.aglocation,A1.description,A1.modelnumber,A1.statusid assetStatusID,A1.status,Rebanded.projectid,Rebanded.statusid,Rebanded.status woStatus,Rebanded.wotype FROM mcm."asset_v" A1 LEFT JOIN (SELECTA2.assetid,A2.agencygroup,A2.agencyname,A2.agencyid,A2.categoryid ServiceCodeID,A2.assignedto,A2.vehicleid,A2.aglocation,A2.description,A2.modelnumber,A2.statusid assetStatusID,A2.status,W1.projectid,W1.statusid,W1.status woStatus,
  2. I have it as r1.assetid above. I was trying to use alias' because of the multiple use of the asset_v table. I've not nested queries before so I'm not quite sure of the accuracy of the syntax.
  3. Hello, it is Supposed to return All records that have never had a ProjectID = 27. I cannot get it to work. I was hoping another set of eyes might see some problem with the code.
  4. Greetings, I've used sql to a moderate degree within vba and some third-party software (i.e. ReportWriter) and for the most part I do ok. I currently have a report I am trying to generate with an underlying sql query and I just can't get it to work. I was able to mimic what I needed in MS Access but there are some syntax and formatting that I have not used before. I've looked through the examples but I'm missing something. The report will displays radio assets that have Not been assigned a workorder ticket for a current project that is underway. Particulars:- ProjectID=27 if the asset has/h
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