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  1. ok, after fiddeling around with the CSS, i managed to get it working. I forgot to add the .float-left {float:left !important;} (and the right) within the CSS. I also removed the background of the contentmiddle repeat section (which was a PNG of 980wide by 10px high) in both the CSS and HTML and added a background left (520px wide and 10px high) and right (460px wide and 10px high) into each. Thus my HTML now looks like: <div id="contenttop"></div><div class="set-size"><div class="column-490 float-left">sfhsfhs<br />sfhsfhs<br />sfhsfhs<br />sfhsfhs<
  2. Hi,Am having a little trouble creating 2 divs so they are side by side inside a container with set width. The HTML looks like this:<div id="contenttop"></div><div id="contentmiddle"><div class="set-size"><div class="column-580 float-left">sfhsfhs</div><div class="column-400 float-right">sfhsfh</div></div></div><div id="contentbottom"></div> and the CSS is as follows/*<-- column system settings -->*/.set-size {width:980px;margin:0 auto;}.column-580 {width:580px;}.column-400 {width:400px;}/*<-- content -->*/#cont
  3. thank you dsonesuk for your invaluable information. i used your second idea and it worked like a charm. i only needed to specify the png img element properties as suggested above. thus my <td></td> looked like this:<td><img src="images/brush-bg.png" height="497" width="459" style="position:absolute; z-index:10; left:0; top:0;" /><img src="images/image1-large.jpg" width="459" height="497" alt="image" /></td>.Thank youRegards,James
  4. i have a simple table data cell <td> and i have 2 same-sized images i need to put in there, the first image is the <td> background image (which is a transparent png that has a grunge border) and the second image is just a regular JPG. Whenever i just add the <td background="images/bg.png> background PNG image and add the JPG image inside of the <td></td>, you cannot see the background PNG. I need to make the background PNG float over the top of the JPG image. I have tried playing around with z-index and css styles, etc but i cannot seem to make it work. Any help w
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