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  1. Yeah, that rounded edge is not something i'm a fan of but it featured in an early design she liked so it stuck around.Here are a couple of new designs i've come up with.http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/buzz-word/i...late_v6-(1).jpghttp://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/buzz-word/i...late_v7-(1).jpgWhat do you think? Improvement?
  2. Thanks for the input, it really helped.I'm going to try a couple of different routes for the site and see if my friend likes them.oaktreecreative.com is a particularly good design. It's provided a lot of inspiration.
  3. Hi,I'm developing this website for a friend, it's for her journalism/PR. So it needs to look pretty professional. However what i've come up with so far looks like a children's book! I could really do with some pointers to help steer it in the right direction.This is the website:http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/buzz-word/Here are a couple of variations on the theme i've come up with.http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/buzz-word/template_v5-(3).jpghttp://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/buzz-word/template_v5-(5).jpgShe really likes the bee logo, the calm tranquil feel and the layout. However we need to work out how to make it look like a PR company and not a kids book!Any ideas/input would be welcome!
  4. Sunshine81

    Passing arrays

    I'm working on a web page that keeps track of scores in the game Mah Jong.Each round users input their score into a form and press update scores. I have an array that keeps track of the score each round, total score, players names , etc. My problem is i'm fairly new to php and i have no idea how to pass this array back to the page after it has been updated. I've tried searching the internet but i can't find an answer, which i take to mean it's not an obvious one. So is there a way for me to pass these arrays on? Can i post them, or is there a better way for me to do it? I don't want to add them onto the url as there will be a lot of data to pass through.
  5. Yeah, i have no idea what i was doing wrong. But i'm happy enough with this solution, just need to get the website operational. I've gotten around this by making the main 'portfolio' link send the user to a page of links. So the quick navigation works for most users but people with older browsers will be able to access the content, just not so easily. It's not perfect, but i intend to revisit this site when i've improved, for now i just need to get this online and working! I'm aware of this, i'll sort IE 6 and below out when i've finished the rest of the site. Thanks for pointing it out anyways, and thanks for the compliment! :)By the way, how do people find the load time? It's my main concern at the moment.
  6. That's not bad, but i was hoping to make it strictly css. I'll go with whatever works for now though. Cheers!
  7. I'm having problems with a css based flyout menu. It works fine in FireFox but not IE 7 or IE 6. The menu simply does not appear.Here's the css:http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/bjportfolio/style2.csshttp://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/bjportfolio/style2_ie.cssAnd here's the code: <!-- START MENU --> <div id="menu"> <ul> <li><a class="projects" href="#proj"> </a> <!--[if lte IE 6]> <table><tr><td> <![endif]--> <ul> <li><a href="#">Project 1</a></li> <li><a href="#">Project 2</a></li> <li><a href="#">Project 3</a></li> <li><a href="#">Project 4</a></li> </ul> <!--[if lte IE 6]></td></tr></table><![endif]--> </li> <li><a class="portfolio" href="#port"> </a> <!--[if lte IE 6]> <table><tr><td> <![endif]--> <ul> <li><a href="#">Project 1</a></li> <li><a href="#">Project 2</a></li> <li><a href="#">Project 3</a></li> <li><a href="#">Project 4</a></li> </ul> <!--[if lte IE 6]></td></tr></table><![endif]--> </li> <li><a class="cv" href="#cv"> </a></li> <li><a class="contact" href="#cont"> </a></li> </ul> </div> <!-- END MENU --> And here's the website:http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/bjportfolio/index2.phpI based my code on this tutorial: http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/example_flyout.htmlCould anyone point out where i'm going wrong? I've looked at a thousand different flyout menus and i just can't see what i'm doing differently. I've tried all sorts of different techniques but non of them make the IE family happy. Everything seems to be in place and FF renders it excellently. So what do i need to do to make IE behave?
  8. Gah, that sucks. I was hoping to get away without this. Any way around the problem?
  9. Awesome, worked a treat. Thanks ste! Solved a whole batch of problems with that little gem of knowledge.The only problem i have left is that in IE the background is now shifted slightly to the left, out of alignment with the header and footer images. I can't work out why this is when it all works in FF..?
  10. Here's the site i'm workin gon:http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/bjportfolio/index.phpAs you can see, in IE the containing div wraps all the way around the content and displays neatly, with the image for the bottom in place and the background tiled down to it. However this does not happen in FF, the bottom image remains stuck under the menu.I don't want to give the div a fixed height, rather letting it depend on the amount of content. The question is, how do i get FF to play nicely without doing that? It runs through the W3 validator as valid css, bar a couple of irrelevant warnings.css:http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/bjportfolio/style.css
  11. This is the site i'm working on:http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/bjportfolio/index.phpThe white box is meant to be centred in the paper texture. Currently this works in FF, but not in IE. It is also meant to be aligned at the top of the table, nestling just under the grey area. In both browsers this will not happen. It works when i remove the height: 100% element from the table the div is resting in, but i want that texture to stretch from top to bottom, so i need it to be on 100%. The question is, how do i then make that div sit at the top of the table. Vertical-align:top does not work.Or am i approaching this in the wrong way?Here is my css: body { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-color: #75001C; margin: 0px; font_size: 15px;}a:link { text-decoration: underline;}a:visited { text-decoration: none;}a:hover { text-decoration: none;}.background_table { width: 1000px; height: 100%; background: url(images/background.jpg); vertical-align: top;}.artist_statement { width: 900px; padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; text-align: justify; vertical-align: top; margin-top: 50px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;} And here is the page code: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></head><body><table border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="background_table"> <tr> <td height="100"> <?php require("menu.php"); ?> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <div class="artist_statement"> Claire Blundell Jones’ practice includes performance, video, installations and interactive public works. She creates work mainly in the public realm, which develops directly out of the relationships built between the audience and herself. Claire has previously performed in public places (parks, busy central streets, city centres) with/without specially made props, and has changed her behaviour (such as asking for hugs) in order to gain and explore relationships with strangers. These performances are created to respond or to comment on how we relate to one another in public. The relationships and reactions from those she engages with are videoed and then used as part of installations with interactive elements. The performances are often videoed in secret so that the general public do not perform to the camera: Claire believes the relationships and encounters she has with the public should be as natural and unconstrained as possible. Permission is sought (where appropriate) for the footage to be edited and displayed. Throughout this work, she often deals with the themes of emotional neediness and comfort, personal space, alienation and flirtation. <br> <br> Claire has become increasingly involved in community projects, and has collaborated with community officers, safety professionals and students to transform certain public places in work such as “Lounging on Red Couches: A public dialogue on safety in Hyde Park”. These projects strive to use art as a tool for change and increase social inclusion. It questions the meaning of ‘community’ in our day and age by concentrating on building and exploring relationships with strangers. </div> </td> </tr></table></body></html>
  12. Haha! I spent ages looking at that code! I just loooove it when it's something simple to fix though. =)
  13. I'm very new to css and and i'm having issues with having two different classes for hovering over links.This is the website:http://www.flatballphoto.co.uk/lpdc/index.phpThis is the relevant css: a:link { color: #15428D;}a:visited { color: #3A79E2;}a:hover { text-decoration: none;}a.menulink { color: #ffffff; font-weight: bold; font-size: 12px; text-decoration: none; padding: 3px; font-variant: small-caps; text-align: centre;}a.menulink:visited { color: #ffffff;}a.menulink:hovor { text-decoration: underline; background-color: #000000;} The links in the main text should have an underline which will disappear when the link is hovered over. The links in the menu should have no text decoration but should have an underline (and hopefully an overline too) when they are hovered over.This is what i have in the css file but i can't work out why it doesn't work. The classes seem to be allocated properly so i'm baffled, what am i doing wrong?
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