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  1. i recently updated wordpress to latest version and still the problem persists. firstly it was happening sometimes and now it happens with every post whenever i try to update or post something. if mod is the cause, then how can i fix problem with one of the mods.
  2. this is the wordpress-comment post.php file : <?php/** * Handles Comment Post to WordPress and prevents duplicate comment posting. * * @package WordPress */ if ( 'POST' != $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] ) {header('Allow: POST');header('HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed');header('Content-Type: text/plain');exit;} /** Sets up the WordPress Environment. */require( dirname(__FILE__) . '/wp-load.php' ); nocache_headers(); $comment_post_ID = isset($_POST['comment_post_ID']) ? (int) $_POST['comment_post_ID'] : 0; $post = get_post($comment_post_ID); if ( empty($post->comment_status) ) {do_action('comment_id_not_found', $comment_post_ID);exit;} // get_post_status() will get the parent status for attachments.$status = get_post_status($post); $status_obj = get_post_status_object($status); if ( !comments_open($comment_post_ID) ) {do_action('comment_closed', $comment_post_ID);wp_die( __('Sorry, comments are closed for this item.') );} elseif ( 'trash' == $status ) {do_action('comment_on_trash', $comment_post_ID);exit;} elseif ( !$status_obj->public && !$status_obj->private ) {do_action('comment_on_draft', $comment_post_ID);exit;} elseif ( post_password_required($comment_post_ID) ) {do_action('comment_on_password_protected', $comment_post_ID);exit;} else {do_action('pre_comment_on_post', $comment_post_ID);} $comment_author = ( isset($_POST['author']) ) ? trim(strip_tags($_POST['author'])) : null;$comment_author_email = ( isset($_POST['email']) ) ? trim($_POST['email']) : null;$comment_author_url = ( isset($_POST['url']) ) ? trim($_POST['url']) : null;$comment_content = ( isset($_POST['comment']) ) ? trim($_POST['comment']) : null; // If the user is logged in$user = wp_get_current_user();if ( $user->exists() ) {if ( empty( $user->display_name ) )$user->display_name=$user->user_login;$comment_author = $wpdb->escape($user->display_name);$comment_author_email = $wpdb->escape($user->user_email);$comment_author_url = $wpdb->escape($user->user_url);if ( current_user_can('unfiltered_html') ) {if ( wp_create_nonce('unfiltered-html-comment_' . $comment_post_ID) != $_POST['_wp_unfiltered_html_comment'] ) {kses_remove_filters(); // start with a clean slatekses_init_filters(); // set up the filters}}} else {if ( get_option('comment_registration') || 'private' == $status )wp_die( __('Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment.') );} $comment_type = ''; if ( get_option('require_name_email') && !$user->exists() ) {if ( 6 > strlen($comment_author_email) || '' == $comment_author )wp_die( __('<strong>ERROR</strong>: please fill the required fields (name, email).') );elseif ( !is_email($comment_author_email))wp_die( __('<strong>ERROR</strong>: please enter a valid email address.') );} if ( '' == $comment_content )wp_die( __('<strong>ERROR</strong>: please type a comment.') ); $comment_parent = isset($_POST['comment_parent']) ? absint($_POST['comment_parent']) : 0; $commentdata = compact('comment_post_ID', 'comment_author', 'comment_author_email', 'comment_author_url', 'comment_content', 'comment_type', 'comment_parent', 'user_ID'); $comment_id = wp_new_comment( $commentdata ); $comment = get_comment($comment_id);do_action('set_comment_cookies', $comment, $user); $location = empty($_POST['redirect_to']) ? get_comment_link($comment_id) : $_POST['redirect_to'] . '#comment-' . $comment_id;$location = apply_filters('comment_post_redirect', $location, $comment); wp_safe_redirect( $location );exit;
  3. the comment system for my websites theme is not working properly . when ever someone try to post the comment and after approval it gets displayed on another post and also on all posts posted on the same day . let me explain : i post movie on 17 Aug. and someone comments( at 17 Aug) on the other movie posted before say 10 aug . after approval the comment gets displayed on all the movies posted on 17 Aug.i used the Disquss comments wordpress plugin but samething happens with that also . i think the script is the problem. comments.php code is below. <?php // Do not delete these linesif ('comments.php' == basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']))die ('Please do not load this page directly. Thanks!'); if (!empty($post->post_password)) { // if there's a passwordif ($_COOKIE['wp-postpass_' . COOKIEHASH] != $post->post_password) { // and it doesn't match the cookie?> <p class="nocomments">This post is password protected. Enter the password to view comments.<p> <?phpreturn;}} /* This variable is for alternating comment background */$oddcomment = 'alt';?> <!-- You can start editing here. --> <div class="comments" id="comments"> <?php if ($comments) : ?> <div class="comments-count"><?php comments_number('No Responses Yet', '1 Response so far', '% Responses so far' );?></div><div class="commentbox"><ol> <?php foreach ($comments as $comment) : ?> <li class="<?php echo $oddcomment; ?>" id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>"><?php echo get_avatar( $comment, 40 ); ?><strong><?php comment_author_link() ?></strong> Said,<?php if ($comment->comment_approved == '0') : ?><p><em>Your comment is awaiting moderation.</em></p><?php endif; ?> <?php comment_text() ?> <p class="comment-meta"><small>Posted on <a href="#comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>" title=""><?php comment_date('F jS, Y') ?> at <?php comment_time() ?></a><?php edit_comment_link('Edit',' | ',''); ?></small> </p> </li> <?php /* Changes every other comment to a different class */if ('alt' == $oddcomment) $oddcomment = 'odd';else $oddcomment = 'alt';?> <?php endforeach; /* end for each comment */ ?> </ol></div> <?php else : // this is displayed if there are no comments so far ?> <?php if ('open' == $post->comment_status) : ?><!-- If comments are open, but there are no comments. --> <?php else : // comments are closed ?><!-- If comments are closed. --><p class="nocomments">Comments are closed.</p> <?php endif; ?><?php endif; ?> <?php if ('open' == $post->comment_status) : ?> <h2 id="respond">Add your comment</h2> <?php if ( get_option('comment_registration') && !$user_ID ) : ?><p>You must be <a href="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-login.php?redirect_to=<?php the_permalink(); ?>">logged in</a> to post a comment.</p><?php else : ?> <form action="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-comments-post.php" method="post" id="commentform"> <?php if ( $user_ID ) : ?> <p>Logged in as <a href="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-admin/profile.php"><?php echo $user_identity; ?></a>. <a href="<?php echo get_option('siteurl'); ?>/wp-login.php?action=logout" title="Log out of this account">Logout ยป</a></p> <?php else : ?> <p><input type="text" name="author" id="author" value="<?php echo $comment_author; ?>" size="22" tabindex="1" /> <label for="author"><small>Name <?php if ($req) echo "(required)"; ?></small></label></p> <p><input type="text" name="email" id="email" value="<?php echo $comment_author_email; ?>" size="22" tabindex="2" /> <label for="email"><small>Mail (will not be published) <?php if ($req) echo "(required)"; ?></small></label></p> <p><input type="text" name="url" id="url" value="<?php echo $comment_author_url; ?>" size="22" tabindex="3" /> <label for="url"><small>Website</small></label></p> <?php endif; ?> <!--<p><small><strong>XHTML:</strong> You can use these tags: <?php echo allowed_tags(); ?></small></p>--> <p><textarea name="comment" id="comment" cols="100%" rows="10" tabindex="4"></textarea></p> <p><input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" tabindex="5" value="Post" /><input type="hidden" name="comment_post_ID" value="<?php echo $id; ?>" /></p><?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?> </form> <?php endif; // If registration required and not logged in ?> <?php endif; // if you delete this the sky will fall on your head ?> </div> please help me if anything is wrong with the script .thanks in advance.
  4. i am having a movie wenbsite where in the single posts i use external links for watching the particular movie i usually use 4 links for every post and now i want to create a code for my website which i want to place next to each link in my website so that when someone clicks on the link it displays the no of clicks next to each seperate link or in other words it should display the click count .i am not sure that is this the right section of asking the question or not because i am not sure that in which script this code can be created php, javascript ,etc that is why i am asking question in the PHP section of the forum. thanks in advance for any help .
  5. i have changed my theme to default and nothing happens, so the theme is not the problem and infinite loop is not contained in the theme, i can't understand where can i find the infinite loop i am using wordpress hosting for my website .
  6. this is my themes index.php <?php get_header(); ?> <?php if (get_option('cgr_slide_display') == 'Hide') { ?><?php { echo ''; } ?><?php } else { include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/include/slider.php'); } ?> <div id="content" class="clearfix"> <div id="home-content"> <?php if (have_posts()) : ?> <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div class="home-entry clearfix" id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>"> <a href="<?php the_permalink()?>" rel="bookmark" > <?php if (has_post_thumbnail()) { the_post_thumbnail('home-thumb' ,array('class' => 'home-thumb trans-border', 'title' => get_the_title()));} else { ?> <img class="home-thumb trans-border" src="<?php echo catch_first_image() ?>" width="200px" height="150px" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" > <?php } ?> </a> <div class="home-post"> <h2 class="post-title"> <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a> </h2> <div class="home-meta"><span class="italic">Posted on <?php the_time('M j, Y'); ?> under <?php the_category(' , ') ?></span></div> <div class="home-excerpt"><?php the_excerpt() ;?> </div> </div> </div> <?php endwhile; ?> <?php cgr_pagination(); ?> <?php else : ?> <h2>Nothing Found</h2><?php endif; ?> </div> <!-- end of #home-content --><?php get_sidebar(); ?> </div> <!--End of #content --></div><!--End of #container --></div><!--End of #wrapper --><?php get_footer(); ?>
  7. no i think i was unable to explain it well . ok i will create a dynamic page in php, but how can i link it with image, so that when image is clicked it will open the php page .
  8. hi there , i am having a website related to movies and i use wordpress plateform, from i think 6 days when ever i am trying to post on the website at the end when i press publish it takes time to publish and at the end displays the error : Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.More information about this error may be available in the server error log. and then when i enter the website url . post is live and published on website . only problem occurs when i update or publish the post i host on godaddy and they told me to change the settings on the server as script takes long time to execute and i did that and nothing happens. problem is with script and i am unable to find out the problem, so please help me to cure script of my website. my website is www.filmmovienew.com i am attaching the error logs which i activated on the server so that it may help in detecting the origin of error . error.txt
  9. first you need to call link url and then image url as birbal answered .but you can't call it link within a link it looks something different that what you want .
  10. Full name:mushtaq waniAlternative name(s): mushtaqBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy):16/07/1988Gender:male Zodiacal sign:cancerCountry of residance:india City of residance:delhiHeight:5'7"Weight:65kgEyes: blackHair:blackSmoking/Drinking/Drugs:noFavourite Music:Favourite Movies: dark knight rises (2012)Interest: bloggingPets: none
  11. i want to create dynamic php page for my website and want to create a download button on the single posts so that when download button is clicked the dynamic php page will open and the php page inside should contain the image of the post (and some text withdownload links which i will create on my own.) such that for each post image must be of that particular post on which button is placed. any help will be appreciated.
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